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Newly built house looks decent without any painting, plastering or other facade material. But exterior home remodeling is needed not only for a beautiful view, but also for durability and comfortable interruption inside the house. Materials suitable for the construction of load-bearing walls do not always have optimal heat and sound permeability. Previously, this problem was solved by building thicker walls, but a significant waste of materials is not economically feasible. Therefore, most exterior cladding technologies include the installation of special materials that can increase insulation performance with a small layer thickness.

Materials for exterior home remodeling in the modern market of building and finishing materials are very widely represented. The house can be overlaid with decorative or face bricks, lined with clinker tiles, thermal panels or sandwich panels, covered with decorative plaster, sheathed with siding, panels or wooden clapboard using the technology of ventilated facades. Today, materials imitating natural stone of various degrees of processing are in fashion. When choosing a material for finishing the facade, evaluate the cost of the finished wall, and not just the material itself.

Types Of Exterior Home Remodeling in Canton

The beginning of exterior home remodeling is capital preparation, in which facing and finishing materials are used, especially in cases where the building is built of brick. Next, work related to hydro protection is carried out. To date, there are the following options for finishing the facade:

  • dry facade — involves the installation of a frame, which is subsequently sheathed with panels;
  • wet — carried out using various plaster solutions that can be applied to walls in different ways;
  • cladding with piece materials — involves pasting the walls with tiles, natural stone or other similar materials;
  • facing with bricks — in this case, walls of facing bricks are erected along the perimeter of the house;
  • thermal panels — this is a relatively new material that is attached to the walls in a dry way.

Exterior home remodeling in Canton can be done in different ways and materials. Moreover, it is impossible to say unequivocally that some option is better, and some is worse, since they all have their pluses and minuses. Therefore, everyone must make his own choice, depending on his own wishes and financial capabilities.

Which exterior remodeling company in Canton to Choose?

The exterior decoration of the house from aerated concrete should be carried out after the completion of all wet construction work inside the house. Exterior decoration, especially in winter, can be damaged by an increased amount of moisture, which will disrupt the vapor barrier, since aerated concrete is vapor permeable. With plaster, builders also suggest waiting a little and plastering only after the house has settled.

Professional Masters of the exterior remodeling company in Canton will perform high-quality and inexpensive exterior finishing work. All works are carried out in strict observance of all requirements and wishes of customers. Since the company employs only highly professional specialists with extensive experience in this field, an ideal ratio of quality and price of the work performed is guaranteed.


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