Five Different Types Of Care For The Elderly

Priorities, needs, and lifestyles change as we grow older. Old age comes with numerous health challenges for many people, from mild aches to severe organ failures. Living without constant medical and physical attention can be draining as an older adult. And for that matter, caregivers and older adults need to know all options available in navigating this crucial time of their lives. Here are five different types of care for the elderly.

1. Assisted Living

Assisted living is one of the most common options for caregivers seeking to give older family members the attention and comfort they need. These facilities are suitable for older adults with all types of health conditions, ranging from osteoporosis to dementia. Some of these conditions require  professionals on standby. You can talk of dementia and how it affects the ability of adults to think and make decisions.

If an elderly person is admitted to a dementia care facility, they will receive specialized care from experienced practitioners who pay significant attention to detail and how the condition affects their social and emotional health. Assisted living arrangements make room for on-site medical facilities and recreational centers to reassure older people that someone is looking out for them.

2. In-home Care

Many older people have reservations about moving into care homes when they age. Come to think of it; this demand can only be fair. We work so hard that the thought of spending the last days of our lives outside of our homes can be a hard pill to swallow. Luckily, several health care options exist for caregivers to choose the best care for their aging loved ones.

In-home healthcare can be your best bet if you wish to stay and go through treatment in  the comfort of your home. This type of elderly care affords you a personal caregiver ready to play several roles, including feeding, bathing, and administering prescribed medication to older adults. In-home healthcare can be capital intensive. Pricing for in-home care services may vary due to several factors, including the place’s prestige, location, etc.

3. Respite Care

You may have several activities to handle alongside caring for your older person. It’s a given that you can’t shoulder all the tasks involved in taking care of them, especially if you already have other demands on your time. Enter respite care. Respite care works best for an older person’s relative who may not be available during the day. A carer can drop off an elderly person at a respite facility and return for them after completing their duties.

4. Independent Living Communities

This form of elderly care suits older individuals seeking to live among other like-minded people within their age group. Sometimes, all it takes for older people to be happy is to tango with their like. Living among younger family members with a different view of entertainment can be a mismatch.

Independent living communities come in apartment homes with security, social amenities, and events to play the part. They provide  individuals with a sense of belonging, which many experts believe  is crucial in improving older people’s mental wellbeing and overall health.

5. Palliative Care

Palliative care suits older people with terminal health conditions, for whom surgery is no longer an option. This form of healthcare offers them more natural ways of relieving their pains and managing their health situations in their final days.

All in all, each caregiving option comes with its pros and cons. It pays to assess and compare multiple caregiving forms before making your final decision.

If you don’t think you’re ready for professional help yet, check out the infographic below for tips to care for your elderly loved ones.

Infographic provided by TargetLeads, a Medicare lead mailing company


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