For those who don’t know about French oak barrels

Are French oak barrels any good? Should it be used? Does the wine soaked in it really taste good? Surely if you do not know about this product line, you will also have the same questions. So please take a few minutes to follow what is being shared below!

Characteristics and advantages of French oak

French oak is grown in the central and southwestern forest regions of the country. Due to the different soil characteristics of each region, the wood is also different. Therefore, the preliminary processing stage also adheres to separate procedures for each type, ensuring high quality and best suited to the characteristics of wood.

The taste of French oak has a distinct sweetness and vanilla aroma that makes it well suited for aging fruity, low-volume or light wines. And thanks to the vertical structure, the wood is also sawn longitudinally when making oak barrels, so the aroma of vanilla is even more pronounced.

It is because of the above characteristics that with this material we can list its great advantages such as:

Bring its own flavor, especially the very strong vanilla flavor, so it makes its difference compared to other types of wood.

The lactic acid content in French oak is not as high as American oak, so the wine is not harsh and spicy, so it is always used to produce premium wines.

Easier processing thanks to the longitudinal sawn wood body, which does not take too much time to cut and has a rich flavor

Because of these characteristics, the flavor of the wine aged with French oak barrels is also very characteristic. Let’s see more.

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What does wine aged in French oak barrels taste like?

Are you curious to see how this wine aged in French oak will taste like? Why does it make so many people so excited?

In French oak there are characteristic organic substances, so when soaked in a closed environment, it blends with the wine to bring out a different taste. These bottles will have flavors of vanilla, of smoke or water bread. To do this, you need to do one thing, which is to light a fire in the barrel before brewing, because it helps organic matter to be converted more easily and faster.

For grape wines, the organic substances in oak barrels will be underground into the wine, into the grapes to help soften the grape stalks, remove the harsh bitterness, so the wine will be more delicious and smooth. And its color is also made by these substances to be darker and more beautiful. For French oak, the organic substances have a slow process of blending, so the finished wine is also smoother than aging in American oak barrels.

So you already know what wine aged in French oak barrels will taste like. In fact, it is different from American oak. But if to put these two types of wood on the scale to see which type to use, it is difficult.

thung go soi pham gia

This is said because each type of American or French oak produces the perfect quality of wine, with different flavors, but what they all have in common is mellowness, attractive aromas and beautiful wine colors. So you can choose any line to soak.

Should we use old oak barrels for aging?

Although the quality of French oak barrels is high, but over a long period of use up to a few years or more, the quality of the wood is changed and now we should replace it. So in the first place, should you buy an old barrel to use?

So with a condition of knowing the origin of the liquidated product, having a certain newness and an acceptable aesthetic, instead of buying a box that is too old, the quality will definitely have problems. Newer sometimes you have a good percentage of it, but old is definitely not good.

So if you know that sometimes liquidators for some reason sell a new or rarely used box at a cheap price. Then you can save some money.

So if you buy it for decoration instead of soaking in wine because its design is extremely unique and luxurious, it should be considered as a great decoration and decoration element for the space.

So when should you not buy? When you see that the box is too old, too old, when you see that the wood grain is greatly expanded or the scent is not difficult to smell, you should not buy it.

So here we go, hope you understand the French oak casks. Now it’s your decision to buy or not!

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