How The Right Packaging Can Help Grow Your Cannabis Business

Shopping experiences are greatly influenced by product packaging. The number of decisions that packaging influences may surprise you. According to a recent study, 72% of customers say that the package has an impact on their purchase decision. Therefore, using effective packaging is essential if you expect your cannabis products to succeed on the market. To persuade potential clients to make a purchase, your products’ packaging must be captivating and alluring enough.

The best way to win over cannabis consumers to your brand is through your packaging. A compelling product package can persuade a consumer that your brand is the best option. It may be more successful than conventional marketing methods at making a brand stand out.

You’re passing up chances to attract new clients, market your brand, and expand your company if you don’t place enough focus on your packaging. Let’s examine how and why cannabis packaging is so crucial as it relates to sales.

What does “the right packaging” mean?

What does the right packaging entail? Packaging should explain why choosing your brand is the best option. It should also continue to be useful and concentrate on fostering an all-encompassing customer experience. How? Read on.

1. Design

First impressions count, and your product’s exterior packaging gives customers their first taste of it. The emotions evoked when a potential buyer looks at your product are due to things like your logo, language, texture, and font. Legal cannabis branding is moving away from the more stereotypical “stoner” images, such as Rasta-inspired color schemes and huge pot leaves, and toward a more opulent and fashionable aesthetic. High-end marijuana packaging can be simple, sophisticated, or opulent, but it is always made of materials that are clearly of a high caliber.

Modern cannabis culture has embraced three branding, packaging, and color trends: minimalism, a health-focused approach, and greenery.

Adopting a minimalist style can give products a more modern and fashionable appearance. Traditional relaxation and meditation themes go well with simple, clean designs, which also update a brand for the modern era. Many cannabis users use it for health reasons, and medical cannabis continues to be more widely accepted than recreational cannabis. Brands can capitalize on the therapeutic qualities of their products by using imagery that conjures up ideas of a healthy lifestyle as well as things like drugs and medicine.

Cannabis users frequently value the plant’s natural roots and the current movement to take into account our impact on the environment. Sustainable brands can demonstrate this via their packaging. The use of subdued greens and browns as well as the appropriate language can reveal an environmentally conscious brand.

2. Sustainability

The demand for sustainable and ethical business practices is rising, with nearly 50% of US consumers declaring they will alter their purchasing habits to protect the environment, according to a report. Customers who use cannabis frequently look for products with natural and organic ingredients that were grown using sustainable farming practices. But they also give waste reduction some thought.

As the cannabis industry is expanding rapidly, it is also generating a lot of packaging waste. Numerous businesses are attempting to find a solution to this issue by utilizing recycled glass, recovered ocean plastics, biodegradable plastics, and other sustainable materials that support a circular economy. In addition to helping brands connect with consumers who care about the environment, using eco-friendly packaging has a significant impact on the global issue we face.

To demonstrate that your brand cares and to help you stay ahead of the competition, you must use eco-friendly packaging.

3. High-quality material

Cannabis packaging frequently makes use of plastic, foil, and tin. However, for packaging cannabis, nothing beats the practicality and appeal of glass jars. Glass helps maintain potency and is odorless and airtight. It works wonders in preventing mold growth and the drying out of buds.

In addition to being difficult to recycle, plastic containers and bags frequently carry static electricity that may pull trichomes apart from the bud. Glass is simple to recycle and has a neutral charge that keeps priceless trichomes intact.

Glass is a fantastic medium for showcasing the characteristics of buds. Glass jars can be used to ensure that they maintain their lovely structure and shape. Glass jars are great for storing concentrates and can be used to display edibles while keeping them safe. They offer a premium appearance that customers associate with high-quality cannabis, and they will endure long after using the product.

Why quality packaging matters

Here are some of the most significant functions of packaging and their role in supporting your marketing efforts:

  1. Making you stand out

Numerous brands are clamoring for consumers’ attention for each cannabis product that is sold, and one way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to have eye-catching packaging. Let your packaging highlight your products and convey a distinctive message about your company.

2. Promoting brand awareness

Have you previously wondered why certain brands are instantly recognizable by consumers? Your label will stand out on packaging with a brand logo and the appropriate fonts and colors, and this will improve cognitive recall.

3. Protection

The packaging of cannabis must protect the product, which is one of its most important roles. Good packaging is made to protect the products from environmental deterioration and handling damage. It protects your products from breakage and other factors that could lower their quality while keeping them fresh.

4. Information

In addition to assisting your marketing efforts, packaging is a crucial tool for disseminating product-related information. Each state has requirements for cannabis packaging compliance and information you must give the customer. Additionally, effective product packaging assists customers in making wise decisions about what is best for them.

Are you prepared to step up your packaging efforts? We at GPA Global are dedicated to assisting your company in creating packaging solutions that will make you stand out from the competition. We offer packaging that is truly eco-friendly, fully customizable, and consistent with your brand’s values. So that we can assist you in creating packaging using materials that will provide you with a competitive advantage, contact us right away. We are eager to support you as you sustainably expand your cannabis business.


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