How to Choose a Kayak for Fishing

Sit in Fishing kayaks allows anglers to stalk their prey in shallower waters where they might not otherwise be able to reach with a larger or motorized vessel, offering a unique and exciting experience. Paddling low to the water’s surface provides a stealthy approach, and the excitement of reeling in a big catch is unmatched. The slimmer profile and portability of an inflatable kayak compared to a traditional boat allows you to be stealthier as you glide over to your favorite fishing spot, so you can sneak up on fish without scaring them away.

With all of the different options available, you may feel overwhelmed when shopping for a fishing kayak. To help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect kayak for your fishing trips, here are some key decision points to keep in mind:

  • Choose between a sit-on-top, inflatable, or traditional sit-in kayak. Sit-on-top kayaks are the easiest type to get in and out of, while inflatables are ideal for those with limited storage.
  • Choose whether you want to paddle or pedal. Paddling has its own unique advantages – like the fact that it’s a great workout, and it’s simpler than pedaling. On the other hand, pedaling has its own advantages too – like being able to go faster and having your hands free for fishing. It really comes down to what you’re looking for in an experience.
  • How much weight are you hauling? You’ll want to think about the boat’s weight capacity in order to make sure you can safely haul yourself and your gear. Do you like to keep things simple or do you like having a lot of options?
  • Do you want to fish standing up? Stability is essential in this situation. Wider hulls are more stable, allowing you to cast farther and with greater confidence while standing; the tradeoff is that the boat may be slower.
  • How will you transport the kayak? How simple is it to manoeuvre and lift the kayak? Can you transport it by yourself to where you want to fish? Can you transport it on the roof of your car or in the bed of your truck, or will you need a trailer?

Where Do You Plan to Fish?

The type of kayak you’ll need is contingent on where you plan to fish. For instance, will you be fishing in a river or lake? Additionally, will you be spending a lot of time fishing or trolling? To help you make a decision, here are a few more things to consider:

Smaller lakes and ponds: If you’re looking for a kayak to use in calmer waters where speed isn’t as big of a concern, a shorter and more stable sit-on-top kayak might be a good option for you.

Open water: If you need to cover a lot of water to get to your favorite fishing spot, you may want a sit-on-top kayak that is long and narrow so it tracks better and moves faster over distances

Rivers and streams: A shorter kayak is easier to maneuver in tight spaces and can turn better when fishing in rivers or small streams.

Ocean: With the many complexities of wind, waves, currents and tides, having a rudder system on your boat can help you navigate more effectively.

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