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How to Give Your Room a Unique Look By Grey Feature Wallpaper

The use of grey feature wallpaper in a room can make it look chic, but for the space to feel cozy and inviting, it needs depth. You may accomplish this by decorating a tiny room with grey wallpaper, matching it with the appropriate furniture and accessories, and ensuring that the color does not take up an excessive amount of visual space in the room. In this article we will provide some of the best advice on making a grey space feel more inviting.

Carefully Choose the Shade of Grey

If you are considering decorating a room with grey feature wallpaper, you need to consider the specific shade of grey that you will use. When used in a room facing north and not filled with as much natural light, lighter grey colors can give the impression of a freezing temperature.

It is vital to make sure that you don’t go too dark because this can feel cold and also make a place appear more petite. Mid-grey can feel warmer, but it is crucial to ensure you don’t go too dark.

Be Careful About Undertones

It is not sufficient to take into consideration the color of your grey wallpaper; you also need to take into consideration the undertones of the hue. It is essential to select a grey paint with no undertones of pink or purple in it. You’d be shocked at how much of an effect such understated tones would have on the atmosphere of a room.

As neutrals, they are not very effective at all. You want to choose colors that will produce a timeless and calming palette, over which you can then construct and layer the remainder of your design. It is essential to keep this in mind when selecting a grey wallpaper, as Owens advises that you choose grey s that have warm or even blue overtones, as they will make a room feel much more inviting and comfortable.

Think About Perfect Grey Feature Wall

Creating a grey feature wall could be a warmer approach to integrating grey wallpaper into your house if you are concerned that having all of your walls be grey would make the space feel too cold, no matter what accessories you choose.

A highlight wall allows you to select a wallpaper that is a shade or pattern darker than the others and incorporates another color into its design. When compared to colors that are brighter and more abstract, grey is less likely to get out of style, making it an excellent choice for testing out geometric wallpaper patterns.

Grey with Bold Colors

Grey works effectively when combined with bright colors that can produce an inviting contrast. Given that colors like mustard and teal may make a particularly striking contrast against a grey backdrop. Choosing grey wallpaper opens the door to the possibility of incorporating a sofa or rug in a vibrant hue.

Regarding home decor, cream and soft pink are frequently combined with grey. However, it is essential to remember that these colors can also have a chilly feeling; therefore, it is best to include other jewel tones.

Try to Avoid All Grey

A room that is all grey has the potential to seem just as chilly as an entirely white room, but it is unlikely to feel quite as vast. It is best to steer clear of the temptation to pair grey wallpaper with a grey floor, mirrors, and neutral-colored coffee table books that are only for display.

You can make a room feel warmer and cozier by adding bits of individuality to it, such as books with colorful covers and emotional trinkets. This will help you create an environment where you can fully unwind and rest.


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