How to Make Your Backyard Ideal for Entertaining

Are you on a quest to create the ideal backyard for entertaining? Do you want to be able to enjoy it on your own, as well as with your family and friends? Today, backyards are being treated as extended living spaces, giving people a lot more options that are usually quite flexible. But before you get too ahead of yourself, there are some basic tips and tricks that the experts suggest. This will ensure your design is cohesive, functional and beautiful.

Start with a Plan – You Need a Vision for the Space

As alluded to above, the first step needs to be creating a plan. You need a vision or a goal of what the space will look like when completed. How will you use it? How much space are you working with? Are there any specific features you want to include such as a dining area, a water feature or even a fire pit? This is also a great time to create a budget, as you want to be sure you’re spending only what you’re comfortable with.

Build a Deck to Anchor the Entertainment Area

Next, it’s time to identify the main area of the yard where you will be entertaining. A great way to do that is by building a deck. Homeowners can visit website of a decking company to get ideas in terms of design and layout. Whether you need a raised deck or one that sits just above the ground, the options are highly customizable. Choose from square, rectangle, or even angled decks — whatever works for your space.

Another thing to be aware of is that while decks traditionally use wood, that’s not the only material you can choose from. Some other highly popular, durable and beautiful-looking materials include PVC decking and composite decking. Composite decking in particular is popular thanks to how cost-effective it is and the fact it is resistant to chips, dents, scratches, wood rot and fading.

An Outdoor Kitchen Opens the Door to Possibilities

If you like being able to dine with your guests, then an outdoor kitchen is probably wise to add to the plans. It should be located within the entertainment area so that you can socialize while you prepare and grill food. It can be as simple as a BBQ tucked in the corner of the deck or patio, to a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen with all the high-end bells and whistles.

Outdoor Lighting Makes the Space More Versatile

Because you want to be able to use your outdoor entertainment area as much as possible, you’ll want to include outdoor lighting in the plans. You can be creative and use such things as rope lighting on decking, recessed lighting on stairs, twinkle lights, garden lights, spotlights and more. Lighting is more than just functional; it adds beauty and atmosphere.

Pull the Area Together with Greenery and Décor

The final touches should consist of natural greenery such as shrubs, hedges, flowers and decorative planters as well as décor for the seating area.

By making these changes, investing in your backyard and creating a beautiful area for entertaining, you’ll find you appreciate the space like never before.


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