How to Stop Wedding Day Disasters

Wedding day disasters can strike in many ways, from running late to the ceremony to the cake collapsing at your reception. You have likely considered a million things that could go wrong on your wedding day, which is a natural part of big day anxiety.

The good news is that your cake is unlikely to collapse, and your wedding party will not allow you to be late for your nuptials. Yet, some issues may occur without forward planning. Read the following advice on how to stop wedding day disasters.

Set a Speech Time Limit

As funny as the best man might be, your guests will grow tired of long speeches. While your wedding party talks about the past in detail, your friends and family might be eager to enjoy their next course, grab another drink, or use the bathroom.

Prevent frustration and boredom from striking by setting a time limit for all speeches. Also, it may help to feed people before the speeches to maintain their attention and create a more positive atmosphere.

Hire Trained Wedding Bartenders

Unfortunately, some guests might not know when it is time to place down a glass of champagne or a glass of beer. Yet, an experienced, fully trained bartender from will ensure alcohol is distributed safely and efficiently. Therefore, it can prevent guests from becoming too intoxicated during a reception, ensuring everyone has a good time from the beginning to the end of your wedding.

Pack a Sewing Kit

Clothing mishaps can happen during a wedding. Dresses can rip, and pants can tear, which will feel like a disaster for a bride or groom. Yet, a sewing kit will turn the big issue into a tiny problem. Also, your loved ones are unlikely to notice a little stitching during the ceremony and reception. Of course, you can prevent rips and tears by choosing the right clothing size and attending a fitting a few days before your wedding.

Create a Backup Plan for Outdoors

As much as you might dream of a sunny wedding outdoors, rain can strike and ruin your plans. Rather than sending everyone home before or after a ceremony, create a backup plan to protect yourself, your other half, and guests from arduous elements.

For example, you could hire a beautiful venue that provides a backup shelter should poor weather conditions strike. Alternatively, you could erect a marquee with patio heaters to provide your loved ones with warmth and shelter.

Communicate with Your Photographer

A tinge of disappointment could strike when you realize you didn’t have your photograph taken with your mom, dad, or best friend on your big day. Unfortunately, it is a realistic wedding issue that is easily avoided. Rather than feeling upset once you receive your photos, talk to a photographer before your big day about your desired shots. Rest assured, an experienced wedding photographer will make it their mission to ensure you receive every image you want on your big day.


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