How to Transform Your Backyard Without Hiring a Landscape Gardener

Now fall is well under way and the nights seem to be getting longer and daylight hours diminishing, there are essentially two types of homeowners: those who simply mow their lawn and tidy the patio and not think about outside until the spring… and the others.

If you fall in the latter category and you enjoy nothing more than cultivating rain-loving plants and shrubs throughout the wetter and darker months, then you have come to the right place.

For garden enthusiasts everywhere and for those who are certainly not afraid to literally get their hands dirty, here is how to transform your backyard without hiring a landscape gardener.

1. Install a Water Fountain

Sometimes, in the busy modern world, people tend to forget how relaxing and soothing it is to take just half an hour out of their schedule to sit in their garden with a hot cup of coffee and rejuvenate.

The addition of a water fountain or feature is not only an excellent choice for a garden of any size, but is also a brilliant way to enhance the feeling of nature and tranquility in your own backyard.

2. Invest in an Outdoor Rug

Another fabulous suggestion for transforming your backyard and garden area and (beautifully) a way to do so on a strict budget, is to invest in an outdoor rug.

You may not have ever been exposed to this sort of thing in the past, but an outdoor rug made from waterproof and durable materials is a fantastic way of creating a focal point outdoors. Arranging various pots with winter-friendly shrubs and plants around and adjacent to the rug will further enhance the aesthetic appeal.

3. Build Your Own Greenhouse

Not only will you feel immense pride and pleasure in the process of building your own personal greenhouse on your private property, but when spring arrives, you will be the first in line for your local garden center’s flower range.

There are two choices for building your own, the first involving a ready-to-assemble greenhouse kit, much like an item of flat-pack furniture and plans and blueprints to build your own from scratch. If you decide on the latter, do ensure that you engage in research before installing a foundation for your greenhouse and that you follow all suggestions and guidelines.

4. Mood Lighting

One of the most popular and also one of the cheapest advancements when it comes to outdoor accessories and décor is that of solar lighting.

Solar lighting, perhaps contrary to logic, does not need a hot and sunny day to charge and instead only need to be placed in an area of your garden which is exposed to sunlight of any strength throughout the day. If you are dedicated to sticking to a basic theme in terms of your backyard décor, then you should choose solar lighting string lights and stand-alone lamps which produce a warm and cream-white glow of an evening, rather than a selection of colors across the rainbow.


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