The complete guide to how to handle car crashes

Vehicle accidents leave adverse physical, mental, and financial impacts on our lives. Every year, thousands of people die, become paralyzed, and get injured from car crashes worldwide. The worse part is that most of them fail to take proper action right after these incidents because of trauma. So, we’ve prepared a complete to-do list about what to do when you get rear ended, front-ended, sideswiped, and in other collisions. 

  • Check for your and other victims’ injury

No matter who is at fault, the first thing you should check is whether you are okay or not. Try to move your body carefully, understand the level of injury, and check the conditions of other passengers. If you can’t move, call for help and dial nearby emergency services if possible.  

  • Get yourself out of danger

An accident can potentially cause roadblocks, engine explosions, and other hazards. Therefore, you should go to a safe place with/without your car, depending on the severity of the crash. However, it might not be possible for badly injured people. They can wait until help arrives. 

  • Call the police

Contacting the police is mandatory unless the damages are negligible. They can find out the guilty party by investigating the scene and help you in the legal process as well. Don’t leave the spot or move your car without their permission. Make sure to collect their contact information and accident reports for future needs. 

  • Document everything

Pictures of injuries and property damages can be beneficial for the settlement process. Plus, note down the other party’s name, phone number, insurance details, driving license, and car information. You can also record witness speeches, their name, address, and contact information. These small steps can save you from false accusations.

  • Don’t reveal sensitive details 

Words coming from your mouth or shared on your social media account can be used against you. That’s why you must avoid roadside discussions and social media posts for a while. Don’t blame others or admit your guilt. Leave the decision for the authority to make. Be careful while giving statements to the police. 

  • Go for check-ups

Sometimes people don’t feel physical damage immediately and realize when it’s too late for asking compensation or treatment. Hence, we strongly suggest doing a full-body check-up from a reputed hospital even though you seem fine. It can detect all potential risks that might cause long-term complications.

  • Notify your insurance company

Car and health insurance can help the victims with post-accidental costs. When the fault is not yours, you can get immediate medical care and repair coverage from your policy. But many car owners don’t call the respective authorities due to a possible increment in insurance premiums. It can lead them to lawsuits with zero winning chance. 

  • Hire an attorney

An experienced lawyer can successfully prove your innocence and bring the compensation you deserve. Since they have deep knowledge about laws, they can use all major and minor details to save you. They can even help you with medical care, insurance claims, complicated paperwork, and more legal rights. 


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