How You Can Make Your Skin Glow like Pharrell’s

A Strict Cleansing Routine

It might seem impossible to glow like Pharrell Williams, but he has some expert-supported tips to help bring your skin back to life!

His first and perhaps most important piece of advice is to stick to a strict cleansing regimen that rids your face of everyday oil and toxin buildups. He, for example, routinely applies Glytone Self-Foaming Cleanser and rinses it off with cold water.

At first, you might be tempted to buy a host of different products of similar appeal but hold your horses and make sure to inspect each product’s ingredients—sustainable, organic compounds are a must, and Pharrell suggests avoiding chemicals that can harm your skin over time.

Ritual Exfoliation

Skin cells die every second—in fact, most people lose between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells every minute, or upwards of 50 million in just a day! Not all of these expired cells, however, drift off our faces; in fact, they usually build up in certain areas and become dry and flaky.

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According to Pharrell, taking care of these buildups sooner rather than later is absolutely integral, as doing so will allow you to quickly regenerate a more vibrant layer of skin. And, if you exfoliate properly, you’ll notice a dramatic reduction in all sorts of blemishes, including bumps, pimples, and pesky dark spots.

In short, exfoliation brightens duller complexions, especially when the exfoliator in question is composed of wonderful natural ingredients!

Pharrell Practices Facial Rejuvenation Every Day

The act of keeping your face healthy falls within the broader spectrum of “facial rejuvenation.” Facial rejuvenation more generally entails keeping the skin looking as youthful as possible, whether it be through more basic skincare habits or something more involved, like a male facelift.

Pharrell is adamant about daily skin treatments and regularly employs the best facial rejuvenation techniques, which include cleansing, exfoliation, and total hydration; each of these techniques can not only reverse budding signs of aging but draw impurities from the deeper layers of the face. The takeaway? Give your skin the gift of regular maintenance!

Consistency is Key for the Best Results

It’s easy to start a routine, but it’s much more difficult to commit to one over a long period of time. If you want skin like Pharrell’s, then you need to push through even when you don’t feel like it. It can, of course, be an emotional chore to nurture every nook and cranny of your body—after all, our skin is everywhere—but doing your best to adhere to a routine will help you look your best.

To get started, do some research about what products work best for your skin type; Pharrell, for example, is adamant about gentle products that leave behind a stunning glow. So, pay attention and stay consistent and you’ll do yourself a whole lot of good!

The Benefits of Collagen for the Skin and Body

The vast majority of skincare products contain a certain amount of collagen, which is fantastic, though not everyone knows what collagen is or what it does. For the uninitiated, collagen is one of the most important compounds in the body and is the skin’s base building block.

With age, the skin loses its elasticity and accordingly sags and droops, which can be incredibly distressing if left unaddressed. Having more collagen at your disposal can thus strengthen and elasticize the skin, eliminate stretch marks, and do away with discoloration by improving blood flow to the skin. Your bones might even become firmer!

While the body naturally produces collagen, supplements are helpful and hydrating; you can buy them in pill, cream, or gummy form. So, take a trip to your local pharmacy and go hog-wild!

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