INMODE FORMA: Innovative Non-Invasive Facial Contouring Treatment

Inmode Forma is a non-surgical, thermal skin treatment that targets deep within the skin’s layers to increase collagen and enhance flexibility.

This anti-wrinkle procedure is offered at Skin anatomy Laser Clinic and is frequently utilized on neck skin, crow’s feet, brows, bags under the eyes, and frontal lines. The underlying tissue is stimulated by its radio-frequency radiation and heat, both which tighten and improve the skin. The jawline can be tightened, folds can be eliminated, the eye area can be lifted, the cheekbones can be sculpted, and more.


The only thermal skin procedure with auto-adjustment that may tighten skin and restructure collagen on the face and other minor parts of the body. For impressive and long-lasting results, Inmode Forma increases youthful appearance and stimulates the production of new collagen.

Without worrying about hot spots or inadequate treatment, the radio frequency current passes between the sensors to deliver a comfortable thermal sensation. The achievement of scientifically validated ideal epidermal temperatures is made possible by built-in temperature controls.

Additionally, Forma is the only substance that can be exposed for an extended period of time at therapeutic temperatures that can be reached swiftly and consistently. Here are some major advantages of Forma.

Skin resurfacing:

By evenly heating the underlying layers of skin, Forma repairs the dermis.


Forma enhances skin texture by targeting sensitive areas of the face to get the desired effects.


With Forma, you can reconstruct your skin for a more young and realistic appearance using bipolar radio-frequency heating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Forma is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive procedure for collagen content and tightening. No downtime is necessary. Forma is safe for all skin kinds and tones, and it can be applied to both the face and the body.

No-downtime, painless firming pprocedure. Theal noninvasive skin tightening, smoothing, and collagen-stimulating treatment is Forma, which may be used nearly anywhere on the body, not just on the face and neck.

What is Forma’s Process?

In order to cure and repair skin and tissue to give them a more youthfulness, Forma heats skin in real-time using electromagnetic energy and a thermal temperature controller.

What Fits Me for Forma?

Your face’s skin can be made more taut by using forma, which promotes the formation of collagen. You will have a more youthful-looking complexion as a result of the treatment’s reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and hyper-pigmentation.

How frequently should I undergo the procedure?

It is advised that six weeks of weekly sessions be completed. Patients with modest laxity may require fewer sessions and longer intervals between treatments. A medical pre-evaluation should serve as the basis for scheduling.

How long are the results of a forma?

Depending on the severity of the treatment, the number of treatments, and the issue you are trying to address, results can continue for up to two years or longer. Results for addressing skin laxity, elasticity, and ageing continue to get better with regular application of topical glycolic acid and sunscreen.

Final thought:

Forma is a method for altering skin and tissue that has a subdermal heating applicator. To administer a non-invasive, painless treatment, radiofrequency travels through electrodes, and its settings enable the device to reach ideal temperatures. For best Forma treatment, visit MDs @Queensway Medical.

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