Instructions on how to download the Fish Shooting Game for Cash Rewards

Downloading the fish shooting game to exchange cash is the first step if you want to have the opportunity to receive attractive gifts when participating in the fish shooting game at the online house. However, when downloading the game to shoot fish for real money, what weapons will you experience? Let’s find out more carefully with Nhà cái 188BET.

1.Steps to download fish shooting game to exchange cash rewards at the house 188BET

Fish shooting games in the real money game genre are currently deployed on many platforms. As long as you own the most popular smart devices like phones and tablets. Combined with having an internet connection, you can completely download the game to experience. The steps to download shared by the 188BET house are simple as follows:

  • Step 1: First, visit the CH Play application market on Android operating system or the App Store store in iOS operating system.
  • Step 2: On the search bar, you search for “fishing game for cash” or “for exchanging money for shooting fish game”.
  • Step 3: After the search results are available, thousands of games will appear on the screen. You can choose to download any type of fish shooting game that you want.

Once you have successfully downloaded the game to your device, you can access and create a new player account. To be able to play in the form of real money, you need to top up the card to be able to start extremely interesting hunting trips.

2.Advantages when successfully downloading fish shooting game to exchange cash rewards

When successfully downloading this attractive game series to your computer, you will be able to immediately feel its strengths. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of this game series:

  • Most of the games offered today are very easy to install on your phone and use. Most of these games are also optimized to the best by publishers. So when downloading the game shooting fish to exchange cash rewards, you will not be occupied with too much memory and cause heavy machine. So will not interrupt your experience.
  • Shooting fish for cash rewards is a game genre suitable for many different types of players. Because the visual design of this game series is extremely vivid and beautiful. The moments of leisure and fun under the vast blue ocean also help your eyes relax.
  • A series of 188BET promotions with extremely attractive values are also deployed continuously to attract players. This benefit also helps you to save a lot of money on game card recharge.

Tin : xổ số 188BET

3.Weapons used when downloading fish shooting game for cash rewards

When you successfully download the game to your phone and start playing, you will have the opportunity to own an arsenal with a variety of different guns. The most prominent are the following items:

  • Cannon: This is considered a popular weapon with very strong destructive power. Cannons will usually have 7 to 10 levels, suitable for the characteristics of many different types of fish.
  • Explosive Bomb: This item can quickly damage creatures in the affected area.
  • Electric shock: When you download the game shooting fish to exchange cash rewards, you will experience the electric shock function. They will have the effect of creating electric rays that cause the creatures to suddenly be shocked, reducing a amount of blood.
  • Radiation: Radioactive rays increase your ability to hit the target more accurately and increase the amount of points you can get.
  • Shark trap: This function has a duration of about 30 seconds. You can use it to preset the movement of the shark. It will cause them to catch it and not be able to swim anymore.
  • Double money: When using this attractive feature, you will have the opportunity to double the bonus of hunting fish.

There are so many functions, but you need to know how to combine them. Using support weapons reasonably and flexibly during the fish shooting game can be of great help to you.


  1. Tips for playing the game of shooting fish to exchange useful cash rewards

Once you have successfully downloaded the fish shooting game to exchange cash for your device, you can easily hunt the giant aquatic monster with just a few small notes. To increase the winning rate to the highest level, please refer to the following fishing tips:

4.1 Tips for shooting fish in the head when downloading the game ban ca doi thuong

Note that for fish that can be exchanged for more than 5 coins, you should shoot them when they swim in groups. Usually each animal will be very strong, so you should use 4 or 5 ammo. Aim accurately at their head to make the most of each bullet’s effectiveness.

4.2 Shoot a combination of 3 to 5 bullets when downloading fish shooting game to exchange cash rewards

According to the advice of the players, when shooting a school of fish that are moving in groups, you should shoot a combination of 3 to 5 bullets. This is the most suitable number that will help you earn the highest score. If you encounter a school of small fish under 10, in this case you should use level 1 ammunition is enough.

In the above article, 188BET Casino has shown you how to download the most detailed cashback game. Hurry up and register for 188BET to experience the games of the popular cash game series best.


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