Instructions on how to play face down & Rules of playing face down for beginners

Chess, also known as Chinese chess, is a game with wood origin from China. Face-down chess is different from the normal chess that people often play in that the chess pieces will be turned upside down and the path of the chess pieces is also completely different from that of chess. To learn more about this game of chess, let’s learn how to play chess through our article below

Introduction to chess board

Downside chess also uses the same chess board as the chess board. This chess board is also rectangular in shape and is divided into 9 vertical and 10 horizontal lines that cut perpendicular to each other

In the chessboard, there will be an empty space called a river, this is the point that divides the chessboard into two equal symmetrical parts

In the middle of each side of the chessboard, there will be about 4 squares and in the 4 squares there will be two X-shaped diagonal lines. This is called a general arch and Chess is only allowed to go along the horizontal and vertical lines in the arc

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Regulation of the way of the chess pieces in the face-down chess

To be able to play this game you need to know the path of the pieces in the game face down. According to the rules, the flag down will have 32 pieces and is divided into 2 colors red and black, each side will have 16 identical pieces. At the beginning of the game, the pieces will be shuffled and arranged according to their position on the chessboard. Only the General can be turned over and placed in the right place

The pieces in the face down chess will be specified in the following way

Heroes: only allowed to move one step at a time in a horizontal row or within the arc. While playing, you need to be careful not to let two champions face each other directly

Si: In chess, the soldier has the same way of going as chess, but the difference here is that it can freely move outside and is allowed to cross the river to play against the opponent’s piece. Click here magazinevibes Visit here theedgesearch Touch here thenewsinsider Visit this website soap2day Learn more about healthworldnews

Statue: the Statue can cross 2 horizontal or 2 vertical squares. The statue is allowed to cross the river to fight the opponent’s army. If there is a piece in the middle of the path, the statue will not move. Depending on the position when facing up, the statue will be divided into 2 types: Statues used to check generals and Statues used to lock champions.

Vehicle: This is the strongest chessman on the chessboard, it can freely move horizontally and vertically on the chessboard.

Cannon: Cannon pieces move like vehicles, can move horizontally on the chessboard as long as that point is not blocked. Cannon when eating the opponent’s piece must pass another piece. Usually people will start using this piece in the middle of the game

Code: the Knight moves one square straight and one square diagonally. If it is blocked on a straight path, the code cannot make that move

Pawn: the Pawn moves one square at a time and cannot go backwards. When not crossing the river, the pawn can only move 1 country straight. When crossing the river, this piece can move horizontally or vertically as you like. Pawns are often used to take down cards, save “banned” or controlled pieces

After 120 moves by both sides without any pieces being eaten, the game is considered a draw

Players are not allowed to check Chess continuously 10 times

Terms in upside down chess

While playing face down you also need to know the terminology of this game. Let’s take a look at the terms of upside down chess

Capture pieces: while playing, you use a piece to move to the position of the opponent’s piece. The opponent’s pieces will then be eaten and taken off the board

Check Chess: These are your moves that always make the opponent’s General in a state of being eaten in the next move.

Protected piece: A chased piece is called a guard, if the opponent’s chase piece can be eaten back in the next move. Except for the case that the rook will never be defended when it is chased by other opponent’s pieces

Pieces face down: Chess pieces have not yet appeared on the chessboard

Flip: When that piece is flipped up and we can see what piece it is in the face down chessboard

Forbidden face-down: Do not let the card face down and open it safely

Rescue: Also known as “rescue”. Find a way to flip the banned piece face down safely

Checking secrets: When the opponent is being checked and can’t find a way to solve it

Running out of moves: The player’s chess pieces no longer have valid moves

Apologize to lose: If the player cannot continue the game, please surrender to the opponent and accept the loss of the game

Ask for a tie: players can ask for a draw when the game is too tense, but must get the consent of the opponent

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Instructions on how to play chess

To be able to easily play the game of chess, players need to know how to play and the rules of this game. If you do not know how to play face down, then follow our article and follow the instructions

Goal when playing Downside: To be able to win in this game, the player must find all ways to be able to eat the opponent’s general. The side that can eat the opponent’s General first is considered the winner

Start the game: In a game of chess face down, each player will receive 16 pieces (red or black) then the player will turn the pieces face down and shuffle them up and put them in positions on the board. Only the champion will be flipped up and placed in its correct position

The moves of the pieces: All the first moves of the pieces must follow the way of moving according to the position of the pieces. In the next move, the pieces will be moved according to their rules in the game of chess

Example: The chess piece is in the position next to the General, which is the inherent position of the Trooper, so the first move it must follow the movement of the Trooper

The time it takes for a country to move is 1 minute. If the time runs out and the player cannot move the piece, the player will be forfeited

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When participating in the game of chess, players should prioritize opening the pieces in the upper row and then opening the chess pieces in the lower row in turn. Players should find a way to not control the opponent’s chess piece to keep the opponent secret. While the opponent’s face down piece has been controlled, you should not take that piece, but eat other pieces to avoid wasting moves.

While the cap is banned, you should use small pieces to save the cap. In particular, you must note that the rook is the strongest chess piece that can bring you victory, so if the rook is banned, you need to use all means to save it.

Two strong pieces like Rook and Cannon should be used for defense, not wasted. Please wait until the flag ends or when it is urgent to use it

Thus, our above article has provided you with the necessary information about the rules of the game and how to play face down. Through this article, we hope that you have understood how to play and can apply it to real-life chess matches as well as playing online


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