Interesting trends in the game of rummy that may surprise you

People from all over the world love to indulge in a game of rummy. More so among the Indian population rummy cash game has evolved at a considerable level.  Most of the devoted rummy players take their time and effort whereby they end up winning a considerable amount of cash.

Though the game of rummy has been in existence for a considerable period of time people are still not aware of some of the interesting facts associated with the game. Below are a few of them that is mentioned in detail

The origin of the game of rummy

The traces of the origin of the game of rummy have emerged from Kanhoo and conquain. Coming to the essence of the game it is all about developing combinations by removing the cards from your hand. When the game is complete there would be 11 cards that would remain in the hands of the players.

There are numerous varieties of rummy games that exist

It would come as a surprise to you that there are 60 variants of rummy which exist. For example, the contract type of rummy means that you go on to achieve certain goals. Even the Indian version of rummy has 3 variants and most of the variations are available on online platforms where you can play.

Rummy records

Most individuals love to play the game of rummy but there are a few people who take their passion to new heights. For proving that there is 500 point record margin in a game of rummy. If you are playing a game of rummy you will be aware that winning by such a margin means that there is a major commitment to the game. Nobody has been able to break the record and still today it exists.

Introduction of joker

In a game of rummy, the most useful card is the joker. But are you aware of the fact that the Americans adopted it during the civil war and it was being developed as a trump card? They went on to introduce trump cards in a game of rummy as they really enjoyed the game.

The Americans loved the game of  Gin rummy

In the United States, there is a popular variant of the game of rummy that is referred to as Gin rummy. It was a game of rummy where the team with the first 100 points went on to win the game. In the year 1909, it was founded and still it continues to be one of the popular rummy forms.

Another game of Indian rummy is Paplu

No surprise to the fact that there are a lot of names associated with Indian rummy. This is taking into consideration the fact that it is being played in every hook and corner of the country. Paplu is a term that is used in Indian rummy and one of the main reasons was it was a game that was mainly played during the wedding rituals.


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