Is It Possible To Win Real Money With Fantasy Gaming Apps?

Ever wondered why the world is going crazy after fantasy sports gaming culture? Well, people are obsessed with their favorite fantasy sport, but they also have the opportunity to monetize their skills and expertise in the sport. Using that, players can earn millions, which is why this kind of gaming concept is gaining more and more popularity. The best part is it is not limited to a specific type of sport, but players can excel in fantasy cricket, football, basketball, baseball, etc.

India is a country that is world-famous for its love for Cricket, people have their emotions associated with this sport, and this is the prime reason for fantasy cricket being the most loved fantasy sport played in India. Various platforms are promoting the fantasy leagues in Cricket. Before jumping onto the bandwagon to earn a profit, one should know how to play fantasy cricket and win real cash.

What is the concept behind fantasy cricket?

The whole format of the sport revolves around the real-life performance of the players selected for the team. This means the fantasy cricket’s contestants need to constitute a virtual team of eleven players among the teams who will be facing each other in reality on the given day. The virtual team will get points for all the runs made, catches, and run-outs; in the end, the team with the highest score will be the winner. These matches can be played according to the interesting formats of T20, Tests & ODI, and other international tournaments of ICC matches.

How do I win real money while playing fantasy cricket matches?

There is an option available for novice players who want to play to get the right amount of practice, free of cost. On the other hand, the contests which provide money as the winning prize require credits to be applied for buying players of the virtual team. For example, one has to buy a hundred credits to invest in the desired players for the team.

Player selection is the most crucial aspect of this game, so one should possess a deeply analytical mind to formulate strategies and a prior understanding of the track record of all the players involved, to make better decisions. Apart from this, the climatic conditions, the type of pitch, past statistics of players, etc., are other factors to be considered while forming the team.

The team should be standard with diversified players’ skills, which means one must bring together more than the batters or the bowlers and expect the team to excel. It should be a perfect combination of a few batsmen, a few bowlers, at least one wicketkeeper, and some all-rounders. The team is only complete with assigning the captain and vice-captain, where the captain earns twice the general score, and the VC gains 1.5 times the general score.

The contest has to be selected from the list of ongoing contests available on the app. The scores keep fluctuating according to the player’s performance on the field until the game’s deadline. The present rank is visible on the contest leaderboard, and once the match finishes, winners are declared, and the winnings are given away.

An in-depth understanding of the game and a detailed research of previous patterns helps to gather all the necessary information to beat the odds.


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