The Most Essential Questions to Ask Staff at Senior Living Facilities

If you are currently engaged in research, numerous phone calls and visits to various senior living facilities, the compilation of the most important and pertinent questions surrounding provisions, facilities, activities, and costs would no doubt be immeasurably helpful to you.

So, with this in mind, here are some of the most essential questions to ask staff at senior living facilities.

How Are Meals Planned & Provided?

Nutrition and healthy, balanced, and of course, absolutely delicious, meals and snacks are an important component of an established and prominent assisted living facility and as such, when taking a tour around potential communities, make sure you don’t forget to ask about meal plans.

If you’re an older adult or elderly, ensuring that you receive the correct types and amounts of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals is even more important and as such, asking for a sample weekly meal plan for to look through in your own time is strongly advisable.

What Does a Typical Week of Resident Activities Look Like?

Dedicated and professional team members work to ensure that each and every resident of Idaho assisted living communities are comfortable and content in their new homes spend a great deal of time designing and planning a varied and exciting schedule for activities and days out.

Naturally, you’ll soon benefit from a considerable amount of free time once you no longer need to spend the best part of the day cleaning the house and shopping for groceries.

Do You Have Comprehensive On-Site Medical Care?

Hopefully and more than likely, you’ll live a long and full life in the assisted living community of your choice, but even the most healthy and vibrant individuals, especially when they get older, need to have access to the doctor.

Now, if your level of mobility is virtually the same as when you were younger and you’ve got absolutely no issues in travelling off-site to attend your appointment, this question may not be entirely specific to you, but either way, enquiring whether the community offers on-site medical care is certainly a useful piece of information to know.

Furthermore, if you discover that the particular senior living community you’re considering doesn’t have on-site medical care, you should also enquire whether, if and when you do need to visit the doctor or the hospital, transportation is included in the monthly cost.

How Are Individual Care Plans Created for Residents?

Finally, one of the overarching benefits of choosing to move to a renowned assisted living facility and joining a community of older adults who are all intent on living each day to the maximum level of entertainment and enjoyment is that team members focus on creating individualised care plans for each resident.

Enquiring about how much time and focus is placed upon the development of tailor-made care plans, both in terms of physical health and emotional well-being, will give you a fantastic insight into the type of community you are considering living at.


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