Kumanan Places in Laser Radial Championships

Indian sailor Netra Kumanan completed her race at the 23rd place on Monday 6th of December 2021 in the laser radial women’s World Championship 2021 companion Vaishnavi Veeravaamshama completed her part at the 60th spot. This race was organized at Al Mussanah Bay, Oman.

The Women’s Laser Radial World Championship is organized by the international sailing Federation which is equivalent to the degree of Olympic competition in sailing. This event has been going on since 1980 and since 1989 it has been divided into men’s and women’s. Indian sailor Netra Kumanan and her partner Vaishnavi Veeravaamshama took part in this competition in 2021 as the youngest sailor of the event. 24 years old Netra Kumanan has represented India prior to this competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

She became the first Indian sailor to take part in such a competition and she finished with 198 points. On the other hand, this Laser Radial World Championship was the first major event for Netra Kumanan after the Olympics. The countryman is expecting a good result from her as she won gold at the Grand Canaria Nationals in Spain. But this world championship is going to be a hard one for her as champion sellers across the world are going to participate in it.

Vaishnavi Veeravaamshama, who took part as another contender from India had topped at the sailing nationals both in Bombay and Hyderabad. The top of the Laser Radial World Championships became Belgium’s Amma Plasschaert as she earned a total of 71 points and ended in the first position after 5 days of racing.

Netra Kumanan and Vaishnavi Veeravaamshama both were very proud to be a part of the world-class Championship. They are young and do not have a lot of experience in it. But both of them are hopeful that they will be able to host the Indian flag high. Both these girls thank the Federation members, the coaches, and the other support staff including their families for helping them be part of this prestigious competition. Netra Kumanan and Vaishnavi Veeravaamshama both became very successful during the selection races in India, which were backed by Vaishnavi Veeravaamshama won 3 trophies in the national sailing competitions at Hyderabad. She also had a bronze medal as she participated in the senior National Games of sailing held in Bombay.

The president of the Yacht Club of Hyderabad expressed his happiness along with his concerns before these two girls went to Oman. He asked the supporters and the followers not to put pressure of expectation on their shoulders as they are very new in this arena. Most of the time the pressure of performance chokes the participants during the finals. Though both Netra Kumanan and Vaishnavi Veeravaamshama are national champions and Netra Kumanan also won Gold in the Olympics before, but in Oman, the conditions will be different and the challenges will be difficult. Top athletes from different parts of the world will come there to take part in this.


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