Marriage Certificate: Importance And Process

Marriages in India may be registered under the Special Marriage Act of 1954 or the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. A marriage certificate is valid evidence that a couple is married for both forms of unions.

Why is it important to register a marriage?

A legal document that acts as proof of marriage is the marriage registration certificate. The benefits of possessing a marriage registration certificate include the following: a marriage certificate that is acceptable in court. offers social stability and acceptance.

When applying for a passport or creating a bank account with a new surname after getting married, the marriage certificate is a must. Many embassies also ask for a copy of the marriage certificate when processing visas for international travel. Therefore, a marriage certificate is sometimes required for newlyweds who plan to relocate abroad.

Registration of marriage process

A marriage can be registered in a few easy steps. Obtaining an application from the government is the first step. Any government agency will have the application available. Basic details like your name, the name of your spouse, your date of birth, and your nationality will be needed. You must visit your local registrar office once you obtain the application. You will be required to give a copy of your application to the registrar office.

The following are some necessary documents for marriage registration.

  • A current passport, if necessary
  • A birth certificate, divorce documentation, or a former spouse’s death certificate if either party has been married before.
  • results of a blood test, if appropriate
  • Witnesses

What are the advantages of registering a marriage in India?

Registering your wedding not only gives both parties security, but it also streamlines procedures in a nation where laws are prone to change. A spouse visa makes it easier for couples to travel internationally, and a marriage certificate is required when applying for residency in another nation. A marriage certificate is one of the necessary documents required by a bank or lending authority for couples who want to purchase a shared property or apply for a house loan.

Benefits of getting married legally in India

The marriage certificate is required if a spouse wishes to accompany their partner when they are working overseas.

Legal procedures are simple in cases of property succession to a spouse.

The court demands a marriage certificate for the transfer of property or the custody of children in the event of legal separation.

When the depositor or the insurer passes away without making a nomination or in another way, it will be useful in keeping the family pension, bank deposit, or life insurance benefits in place.

A marriage certificate is also necessary if you want to modify your maiden name or other personal information.

A marriage registration certificate protects against one spouse denouncing the union.

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