Rituals and Special Navratri Jewellery Collections for the Year 2023

Now that Navratri 2023 has here, if you’re looking for jewellery to wear for this colourful and auspicious 9-day holiday, don’t worry—we’ll offer some recommendations.

Let’s first examine the significance of the Navratri celebration before moving on to Navratri jewellery.

Importance and Festival of Navratri in 2023

The Hindu festival of Navratri, which lasts for nine nights and is dedicated to Goddess Durga, will be celebrated in 2023 from October 15 through October 24. The celebration, which marks the triumph of good over evil and honours various manifestations of the goddess each night, is a time for communal celebration, spiritual reflection, and joy. The following day, Vijayadashami, or Dussehra, will be observed.

Goddess Durga in many avatars on Navratri in 2023

People worship Goddess Durga in nine different forms over these nine days. Every day of Navratri 2023 takes the appearance of a different goddess, complete with its own rituals and colours. These are the nine forms:

Pratipada Shailaputri

“Shailaputri” is seen on the first day riding a bull and brandishing a trident and lotus. Shailaputri is related to Brahma’s might.


On the second day, the Goddess is seen carrying a kamandalu (water jug) and rudraksha mala while wandering barefoot. Brahmacharini represents commitment and penance.


Devi, who represents Chandraghanta on the third day, is seen riding a tiger and wearing an adornment in the shape of a moon on her forehead. Chandraghanta is a symbol of bravery and tenacity.


The fourth-day Kushmanda is seen carrying a rosary and numerous weapons in eight or 10 hands. With her heavenly grin, Kushmanda is said to have started the cosmos.


On the fifth day, she is shown cradling Skanda (Kartikeya) on her lap. Skandamata is a symbol representing the protective side of motherhood.

KATYAYANI (SHASHTHI) is frequently seen carrying a sword and a lotus in her four hands. Courage and bravery are connected with Katyayani.


On the seventh day, the Goddess was seen holding a torch and a cleaver in her four hands while having a black complexion. A ferocious manifestation of Durga, known as Kaalratri, is said to extinguish ignorance and darkness.


She is seen wearing white, representing tranquilly and purity. Mahagauri is holding a damaru (drum) and a trident.


Goddess is shown on the ninth day carrying a discus, mace, lotus, and shank (conch) in her four hands. Siddhidatri is regarded as a source of wisdom and wish fulfilment.

During Navratri 2023, worshipping these nine representations of the goddess is thought to call forth her many celestial attributes and blessings. Every day devoted to these forms is marked by a distinct ceremony or pooja by the worshippers.

Here are some of the top Navratri jewellery pieces Swarajshop advises wearing over the nine days of Navratri in 2023.  Each of the nine Navratri colours represents a different aspect of Goddess Durga.

  • White colour: White Micro Pearl Kundan Haram for Day 1.
  • Day 2 – Red colour: Lakshmi Temple Haram Red Crystal Bead
  • Day 3 – Royal Blue: Oxidised Choker Necklace with Blue Flower Centre
  • Day 4 – Yellow Yellow Kundan Bead Chandelier Earrings
  • Day 5: Elephant Victorian AD Green Necklace Set
  • Day 6: Party Flower Oxidised Choker Necklace
  • Day 7: Orange Stone Bird Oxidised Necklace
  • Day 8: Peacock Green Colour: Matte Pearl Multi Stone Peacock Haram
  • Day 9: Pink Colour: Pink Moissanite Bead Victorian Necklace

These are our recommendations; if you would like to see more, please visit Swarajshop Navratri Jewellery Set website.

Various Jewellery Styles Worn During Navratri in India in 2023

In India, individuals from various states have diverse tastes for Navratri jewellery. Listed below are some of the best locations to see collections of Navratri jewellery.


Gujarati Indians like wearing traditional jewellery sets during Navratri 2023, such as choker necklaces, long necklaces (Haram), Jhumka earrings, bracelets, and maang tikka.


Women may wear Nath (nose rings), Kolhapuri Saaj necklaces, Kolhapuri Saaj earrings, Kolhapuri Saaj bracelets, temple jewellery, stone-studded jewellery, etc. in Maharashtra.


Women in Rajasthan like wearing Kundan jewellery sets, Meenakari work jewellery, and polki jewellery during Navratri.


In Delhi, popular jewellery items during Navratri include statement earrings, Polki and Kundan jewellery, Jhumkas, Maang tikkas, and Matha Patti.

Uttar Pradesh

Women from Madhya Pradesh frequently like wearing thread jewellery, beaded jewellery, terracotta jewellery, and silver jewellery that has been oxidised.

North Carolina

In Uttar Pradesh, popular Navratri jewellery includes imitations of the Polki and Kundan, Meenakari jewellery, Temple jewellery, Pearl jewellery, Gotta Patti jewellery, and Thewa jewellery.


During Navaratri 2023, Karnataka ladies love a combination of counterfeit jewellery that is both traditional and modern. The jewels includes items from temples, Lakshmi Kasu Malas, Mango Harams, Kemp Jewellers, Antique Jewellers, and Thread Jewellers, among others.

Kerala, Tamil

Tamil Nadu residents frequently favour wearing Temple jewellery, Kemp jewellery, Jhumkas, pearl jewellery, Bharatanatyam jewellery, and floral jewellery.


May the heavenly power of Goddess Durga bestow strength, prosperity, and harmony upon us all as Navratri 2023 unfolds. Enjoy the celebrations as we celebrate the triumph of light over darkness while dressed in the hues of adoration and love.

Find your preferred jewellery designs right now from the online Navratri jewellery collections at Swarajshop!  Greetings for Navratri!


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