Instructions on how to play Mau Binh online New88 always win

Mau Binh online is a famous game used by many professional players in competitions. This is a strategic game, requiring players to be calculating to get the best results. In Nhà cái New88 casino, this is a game that many people love to participate in every day. If you are also passionate about this card game, please follow the detailed article below.

Introducing online trading New88

Mau Binh online New88 is a card game offered by the house to serve its members. This game uses a 52-card deck with familiar gameplay, so many people can easily approach and participate. The gameplay and rules of Mau Binh require the player’s calculation to increase the appeal of this game.

Experience playing Mau Binh online always wins

To be able to win when playing this card game, you need to equip yourself with important knowledge as well as useful experience for the game. You can refer to the playing experiences below.

Understand the rules of the game

This is the first thing you need to master before playing. Online Mau Binh card game has its own rules of play. For example, you also know that playing cards are distinguished by number and suit. For example, if there are 3 spades left, the number is 3 and the suit is spades. But in Mau Binh cards, what you need to care about is only the number part and not the quality part.

Each game, the Dealer will deal 13 cards to the players. Your job is to arrange these cards into groups to get the most optimal results. These cards are divided into 3 divisions, with suit 1 and suit 2 having 5 cards each, the third suit has 3 cards. At the end of each game, players will compare their hands to determine victory or defeat.

In this game, players arrange their limbs according to the rule that the front limb must be greater than their back limb to be valid. If you are new, you should pay attention to this rule to avoid arranging the cards incorrectly.

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Understand clearly the terms in the game

When playing the card game Mau Binh online New88 You need to clearly understand the terms in the game. These terms are very important for you to understand the game as well as how to determine winning and losing. Therefore, before you start betting, you need to firmly grasp the theory of this game first.

This is a fairly fast-paced game, so you need to have a solid grasp of situations that occur on the betting table to be able to make decisions as quickly as possible.

Distribute the cards properly

When playing Mau Binh online New88, you need to pay attention to one important thing which is to divide the cards in the hands in the most reasonable way. Many people who are new and inexperienced often focus on one limb and forget the others. Therefore, it often leads to losing to your opponent.

You need to have your own strategy and method of playing Mau Binh, with relative calculations so that your hand becomes the most optimal. This is something that hardly anyone can do.

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Always have a stable mentality when playing

During the process of playing Mau Binh online, you need to maintain your mentality and avoid getting carried away with the game. This is a win-lose game, so you need to keep your mind no matter what the result of the previous game. Only when you have the most stable mentality can you come up with the best way to arrange your cards.

If you are confused and dominated by other players, it will be very difficult for you to win. This psychological way of playing is often used by experts to put pressure on their opponents to benefit themselves. Therefore, you need to be careful to avoid being trapped.

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Always think positively when playing

Every time I play, I always think this is a positive, entertaining game. Regardless of whether the result is win or lose, don’t think too negatively about this game. If you are always pessimistic and think that games like this are fraudulent, it will greatly affect your psychology. Being optimistic and happy will help you have the best mentality when playing.


Above are details about the game Mau Binh online Okay  New88 send to you guys. This is a good and attractive game loved by many members of the house. You can directly experience this game right here New88 casino. The card games here always bring players the most entertaining moments. Wish you luck.


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