Okvip Alliance – Asia’s No. 1 online betting group

okvip is a name that is no longer strange to Asian gamers. However, there are still many new players who have questions about this online entertainment group. Today, join us to learn in detail about Okvip’s reputation and development orientation!

Brief introduction about OK

The brief information below will help you get the most general overview Okvip alliance.

The formation and development process of the Okvip alliance

Okvip’s predecessor was Taipei101 – a Cambodian online entertainment group founded in 2006. Initially, the company’s main activities were providing technology software, game code and patch support. . Since 2013, when was acquired by Hana Dannie and gradually shifted its orientation to providing independent online games.

2023 is the year that marks the strong transformation of the unit when the board of directors officially decides to change the group’s name to Okvip alliance. With strong investment and long-term development strategies, Okvip’s reputation has reached the region.

Some products and services are provided at Okvip alliance

Currently, the unit is providing the market with a number of key products and services as follows:

  • Providing online game systems with top quality.
  • Deliver impressive and resonant media projects in the online market.
  • Developing BONGBET – a specialized site Thể thao Okvip Leading the market today.
  • Distributing high quality betting games to partners in the entertainment industry.

Screenshot 30

Some products and services provided by OK supply

Okvip brand development orientation

With the desire to develop and develop long-term relationships with users around the world, Okvip’s founding team has built long-term development orientations. We always strive to provide users with high quality products and services.OKCommitted to always respecting the legal rights of customers and ensuring strict implementation of safety measures for all players.

In the coming time, the group wants to expand its network in all countries and territories around the world. To be able to fully meet the practical entertainment needs of users as well as express gratitude for the love and affection that gamers have given to the house.

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Okvip brand development orientation

Outstanding communication activities associated with the Okvip brand

With strong financial potential, Okvip has been very strong in communication activities and image promotion. Below are some outstanding activities that make players around the world know this brand.

  • Develop 2 completely free live football and sports channels for king sport fans.
  • Provide website address providing online information and livestream with market leading technology. To promptly provide hot news about football and various sports to viewers.
  • As one of the major sponsors for SEA Games 32 taking place in Cambodia.
  • Actively sponsoring teams from Southeast Asia within the framework of the Asian Cup football tournament.
  • Is a media unit for the two most prestigious and prestigious tournaments on the planet, the World Cup and Champions League.
  • Accompanying Asian sports activities, from the U23 Open tournament to youth tournaments…
  • Building a football school – a cradle to train famous players in the future.

A number of outstanding communication activities are associated with the alliance’s name

Contributions of Okvip alliance to society

Not only does Okvip create thousands of job opportunities for workers, it also always focuses on charitable activities to contribute to promoting social security. 30% of the alliance’s total annual profit is set aside to carry out sponsorship activities to help orphans and children in particularly difficult circumstances.

Social security contributions of OK

Some activities within the sponsorship chain from the Okvip brand can be mentioned as follows:

  • Organize a journey to light up children’s smiles, helping needy children in mountainous areas have the opportunity to go to school.
  • Donating 5,000 gifts to disadvantaged families in the program “Human love lasts forever” to support people in the Central region after the flash flood.
  • Support treatment costs up to 700 million VND for patients who do not qualify for surgery at Cho Ray hospital.
  • Established many charity funds such as the Agent Orange Support Fund, flood and disaster relief fund, orphan children’s protection fund…


 Not only is it a famous unit in providing online games, Okvip alliance is also very famous in the international arena thanks to its prestige and high-caliber activities. Hopefully the information in the article has brought readers useful information about this famous and illustrious corporation.


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