Pedestrian Accidents -Your Guide to Prevent Them!

Pedestrians are highly exposed to the risk of road accidents. Such accidents usually result in fatalities or disastrous injuries that leave the victim with impairments for a lifetime. 

It is suggested to consult your local attorney to know more about pedestrian rights and further procedures if you happen to be involved in such an accident. However, going by prevention is better than cure. It is good to follow specific rules for pedestrians and drivers while on the roadways to avoid such incidents. Below are a few tips for drivers to prevent pedestrian accidents. 

  • Being attentive 

Most accidents wherein the driver is blamed for his/her negligence come from a place of not staying alert. Every driver must remain looking for pedestrians, as they can be found anywhere, especially in urban areas with parking lots, school zones, etc., where there is a higher probability of people on the streets or footpaths waiting to cross the road. 

When you see someone attempting to cross the road, from the moment they step on the road, give them the time to do so instead of cutting them off, be it a crosswalk or not. Consider every intersection to be a crosswalk, even if it is not marked or has a traffic light to indicate the same. Also, do not pass stopped vehicles on the roadway, as a pedestrian usually tries to cross in front of it. 

  • Maintaining your speed 

Speeding is another common issue for road accidents. It is vital to remember that it takes time for the vehicle to come to a halt after the brakes are applied, and it travels to a certain distance even after doing so. The car’s weight has a significant role in this, which also determines the force of the collision if there is one. Maintaining the posted speed limit allows you to perceive hazards or pedestrians in advance and react accordingly. Similarly, it gives the necessary time for pedestrians to enter or leave the roadway. 

  • Avoid distractions 

Accidents are highly possible in case the driver is distracted. This could be of many forms. In case of a visual distraction, the driver looks at different things or people on the road or the GPS. At times it also happens that the driver has his/her hands off the wheel due to eating, texting on the phone, reaching out for something in the back seat, etc. There are also cases of cognitive distraction when the driver is thinking about work or something else while driving.

  • Do not drink and drive. 

Drinking affects the driver for the next hour from the moment he/she takes his first drink. It dramatically impacts one’s visual abilities, ability to process information, and difficulty controlling speed. Thus, one must altogether avoid consuming alcohol before or while driving. 

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