Playing Transformers games: how will it… transform your kid?

Some parents don’t necessarily have the best reaction when they hear that their young boys play Transformers games since they think they are too violent. However, this approach is definitely an ignorant one & shows a lack of knowledge of the story behind the characters. Luckily, our friends at, a website with tens of Transformers games, help us fill these gaps & not only explain the plot but also present the reasons why you have nothing to worry about if you see your kid plays these games with their friends. What’s more, you might even want to join them!

First of all, we must mention that Transformers games are based on the series with the same name. The Transformers are a species of sentient robots, originating from the distant machine world of Cybertron. During their intergalactic travels, they discover the Earth, where they hide from their enemies and start making friends with people. However, their presence on our planet attracts distant enemies, but the Transformers will fight for us & try to protect Earth from villains. The most important characteristic of these robots is the fact that they can… transform various parts of their body into vehicles, weapons, machinery, or animals.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s see how playing Transformers games will… transform your little boy:

  1. They will stimulate their imagination. First of all, these types of games will help your kid be more creative since he will imagine that everything in the real world has the ability to transform. If he sees a yellow car on the street, he will think it’s Optimus Prime (the main character of the series) in disguise. Don’t discourage or ignore him when he lets his mind wander, but rather play with him & identify different “Transformers” on the road;

transformers games 4

  1. If they act as Transformers, they will become more friendly. Secondly, if your little boy is a fan of Transformers games, he will most certainly want to act as one of them in the real world. And that implies “fighting” with different objects, but protecting humans & small animals since they’re friendly & harmless. Thus, their “violent” behavior, which you might fear, will be directed at objects and in no case towards people;
  1. It’s one of the most harmless things online. Unfortunately, parents can’t fully control everything their children do online, and sometimes this puts the latter in immediate danger, depending on the websites or apps they’re on. From this point of view, Transformers games can be considered one of the most harmless things online since they are exactly what their name says: little games for boys to play before or after doing their homework.

Last but not least, our friends at also recommended a few of the most appreciated games from this category on their website: Optimus Prime Puzzle (100% likes, 6.977 plays), Transformers Quest (100% likes, 6.477 plays), Transformers Rescue Boots Puzzle (100% likes, 5.597 plays), and Transformers Robot Builder (100% likes, 5.486 plays).

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