How to Conduct a Brand Analysis? Step-by-Step Guide

Branding has become an essential part of a successful business nowadays. Companies have understood its importance a long time ago and are now making improvements and adaptations during the process. However, if your business focuses on branding, you will need to find out how well your company is doing brand-wise and what changes need to be made. 

In this case, a good brand analysis comes to the rescue. But, especially if you’re just getting started, you may not know what steps need to be taken. So we have this guide to help you analyze your brand and discover any existing gaps.

Steps to complete a detailed brand analysis

Before you get started, consider that you need to stick with the brand analysis process to see actual results. So now, let’s see how you can achieve those results.

1. Understand the brand audit purpose

For starters, determine what needs to be analyzed and why. For example, do you want to get started with your social media accounts or website? Should you discuss some points with a brand expert or not? Do you need an investment from fundings for NGOs? By determining and answering such questions, you will discover where you should get started and what your final results should look like. 

Moreover, you can put yourself in your audience’s shoes and determine what they would expect from your brand. Is it a new product? New brand logo? Or maybe a different approach to communication. 

2. Plan the steps in detail

As you’ve defined what you want to achieve through analyzing your brand, it’s time to organize all processes based on that information and integrate workflow management software to make the processes more productive and organized. Build a checklist of all the things you need to go through and discuss every detail with your team. Your employees from various departments are more aware of what’s going on than you think. To save time and effort, organize small roundups with each team or employee and get things defined.

An essential part of planning is defining deadlines as well. For each task you have added to your checklist, don’t forget to set a date when it needs to be completed. This way, your brand analysis process will be more organized and smooth.  

3. Collect data

Without having backup information, you won’t be able to see brand issues and, therefore, can’t give a solution. But, on the other hand, when you give some time to gather the correct data and separate it, you can see where your company needs improvements and precisely what you should be working on. 

In the meantime, consider creating a survey for your customers and employees. Then, as they give you honest feedback, you can also use this data for brand audits.  

4. Analyze results

You’ve done all the planning, gathered the data, and discussed it with others. Now it’s time to check the results you’ve got. A suitable method for doing so is using graphs and charts. In other words, it’s good to visualize the data gathered since it makes it easier to pick all the brand issues. Next, you will be able to give proper solutions to each problem your brand faces. Use inclusive language on your analyzed data so it will be available for everyone on it. 

Additionally, analyzing results will help define your brand’s strengths and weaknesses which you can use for further success.  


Whether you’re getting started with branding or have established your brand years ago, analyzing it will only give you a clear picture of where your brand is. A detailed brand audit will help define issues and weaknesses, work on them, and get better results. By following the steps mentioned above, you can get started and complete the brand analysis process successfully. You can have a partner like a global employer of record assisting you to find the best talent for branding analyis


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