Tips to Learn English Swiftly as your Second Language at Home

Learning English can be challenging and uninspiring for many people learning independently at home.

They can become clueless and unable to grasp this language swiftly.

If you are also facing this issue, then you are in the right place.

We will discuss tips to learn English swiftly as your Second Language at home.

So, let’s start with the tips.

Reading Different Material:

Google has made it easy for people to learn English. You can find tons of reading material on social media and Google, which can help you become a fluent English speaker

It would be best to read different types of material on the internet to make the learning journey enjoyable.

You can read a vocabulary list such as “List of nouns from A to Z” and read eBooks, tweets, and Facebook and Instagram posts of different English native speakers and celebrities.

Dedicate a sufficient amount of time in the day to reading them, as it will help you in enhancing your vocabulary, help you in creating sentence structure, and communicate with others.

Jot Down in Your Notebook:

Different studies have shown that jotting down vocabulary words and sentences in a notebook or diary helps in learning and retaining the language.

So, you should also try this method.

Keep a notepad with you all the time, and keep writing different vocabulary words and sentences that you will learn.

For example, you have visited a coffee shop and heard an English conversation between two people. If you learned a unique sentence or vocabulary word there, you should write it in your notebook swiftly.

If you don’t want a notebook, you can use the notepad on your mobile too.

Communicating With Others:

The best way to learn English swiftly at home is to communicate it as soon as you start your learning journey.

But to whom can you communicate at home?

There are online communities where you can find native speakers to communicate with.

There are Facebook groups dedicated to ESL learning, there are different learning websites where you can find tutors, and there are forums on Reddit from where you can find your communication buddy.

Communicating with natives will help you in finding out the mistakes, will help you in enhancing your pronunciation, and will give you confidence in speaking.

That’s why it is recommended to start speaking English in the initial state of your learning.

Find Your Buddy:

You can ask your friends, siblings, or neighbors to start learning English with you. It will help you overcome the language issues that can come your way.

The buddy will keep you motivated and help set your language learning routine. You both can take quizzes of each other, can communicate with each other, and can make your language learning journey full of fun.

Set Up Realistic Goals:

Different studies have shown that people keep learning their native language till middle age.

It means you can’t learn a second language in a short time. The journey will continue, and gradually you will improve in it.

So, it is better to set up small and realistic goals that you can accomplish quickly.

For example, you can set the goal, “I will learn to write small and simple English sentences within one month.” Such a goal will keep you motivated, and accomplishing it will keep you optimistic.

You should set the goal according to your personal needs too. If you want to learn English to apply to a university, you should create your plan according to it.

For such a goal, you should focus on academic English and avoid Business English.

Such goals will help you to remain on the correct route toward your life goals.

Listen From Different Resources:

Listening to native English speakers will speed up your language-learning journey.

There are different resources on the internet where you can learn English:

  • Podcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • Netflix movies
  • English Series
  • Instagram and TikTok videos
  • TedTalks

We have discussed that reading posts of different celebrities can help you. In the same way, listening to them on Instagram and TikTok can also help you enhance your language skills.

There are different Podcasts and YouTube channels dedicated to teaching English as a second language. You can follow them.

This listening activity will enhance your communication and pronunciation skills.

Key Takeaways:

In this guide, we have discussed some methods to speed up your second language learning process at home.

We hope these tips will help you make your English language learning journey smooth.

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