Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2020

Are you looking for the most visited and popular torrents site of 2020? Well, you are in the right place. That is because I am going to talk about here the most and top 10 best torrent site of 2020. Now, what also stands out is that the list has remained relatively complete, and that means that none of the major torrent sites was taken down over the past year.

However, we enter a new year we see that, and we have seen that the Pirate Bay is the best-visited torrent site once again, moving up from the third spot last year. However, after a stormy time, the website has been comparatively stable over the past 12 months, although it still doesn’t let new users sign up.

New Torrent Sites Show Up

This year’s perception includes two newcomers. The game-oriented ‘Fitgirl Repacks’ enters the ninth place, and the Indian site Tamil Rockers closes the list in tenth place. At the same time, these two replace Zooqle and TorrentDownloads that both saw an important traffic dip and dropped outside the top 10.

In the meantime, we usually limit our impression to torrent sites that are besieged primarily at an English or international audience. Now, that means that TorrentWal, RuTracker, Dytt8, Rotor, and Etoland aren’t involved even though they would qualify in terms of traffic.

The below is the full list of the ten most-visited torrent sites at the start of 2020. The list is based on numerous traffic reports, and we display the Alexa rank for each.

Top 10 Torrent Sites of 2020

These are the top 10 most visited torrent sites:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay remains at the top after 16 years. Now, after suffering large downtime in 2018 last year, this site went relatively smoothly. However, this site closed registrations a few months ago but remains open to the public. It’s also still functioning from its .org domain, but it’s indeterminate if that will remain the case in the future. Its Alexa Rank is 169/ Last year.


The is the informal heir of the defunct YTS or YIFY group shut down a few years ago. Now, this site focuses on movie releases that are popular around the globe. It has been the target of three lawsuits in the US recently. While the worker signed a consent judgment to pay damages to one moviemaker, the site itself remains online. Its Alexa Rank is 244 / Last year #1.

3. 1337x

It is another excellent torrent site that keeps its spot in the top three. However, unlike some other sites, it has a loyal group of uploaders, which provide original content on a daily basis. At the same time, this site offers a wide variability of torrents and also has official forums that launched in March 2020. Its Alexa Rank is 307 / Last year #2.


This website has remained stable over the past year. The site functions from numerous popular domain names, but only the one with the most visitors is taken into account for this list. Now, it was founded in 2008 and focused on high-quality video releases. Its Alexa Rank is 428 / Last year #4.

5. is a famous renaissance of the anime torrent site NYAA. Though there is a brutal struggle from alternative pirate streaming sites, the torrent portal remains to do well, climbing one position compared to last year. Its Alexa Rank is 861 / Last year #6.

6. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a replacement for the original site that gladly closed its doors in 2016. This site doesn’t host any torrent files but remains a popular meta-search engine. Now, its Alexa Rank is 1,090 / Last year #5.


It is an original TV-torrent distribution group EZTV that shut down after an aggressive takeover in 2015, with new owners claiming ownership of the brand. Now, this group swapped to a new domain last year and was carelessly blocked in the Netherlands because it shared an IP address with The Pirate Bay. Its Alexa Rank is 1.186 / Last year #9.

8. LimeTorrents

It is also one of the best torrent sites. And it has been around for more than ten years. Like many other entries in this list, it is blocked by ISPs in countries around the world that seems to hurt overall traffic somewhat. Its Alexa Rank is 1,581 / Last year #7.

9. Fitgirl Repacks

It is the home of a popular group that releases reduced down cracked versions of popular games that keeps download times to a minimum. Now, this site publishes torrents on other sites but also offer magnet links of their own that is why we included the site here. Its Alexa Rank is 1,883 / Last year #NA.

10. Tamil Rockers

TamilRockers is notorious in India, where it has its home base. The site is available in English, and it is used worldwide. Despite some implementation actions and arrests of alleged admins and operators, the site is thriving.


These are the most popular and top 10 torrent sites in 2020. They all provide all sorts of pirated movies and other contents.


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