What Are the Advantages of Getting an MA After Earning a BA Degree?

Have you completed your BA degree from the BA and MA colleges in Bhopal? If yes, what is your next plan? Do you want to enroll in an MA degree after your BA degree? A master of Arts Degree is among the most popular postgraduate degrees available in various specializations. An MA degree provides adequate knowledge of your chosen subjects and allows you to work in various fields such as hospitality, public relations, human resources, teaching, writing, research, and more.

Being one of the most versatile degree programs, a Master’s Degree in Arts is high in demand. The course is designed for students who want to make their career in language, social areas, and creative fields.

In this blog, we will cover the MA degree, its types, and its benefits. So without wasting your time, let’s start our discussion.

What is an MA Degree?

Master of Arts or MA is a postgraduate-level degree program. Students with a deep interest in humanities and higher education often choose master of arts degree programs as their higher degree option after graduation.

The program usually takes 2 years to complete. All the best MA colleges in Bhopal provide MA courses along with great campus facilities and professional benefits.

Program Highlights

Course Name Master of Arts
Duration 2 Year
Course Level Postgraduates
Eligibility Bachelor degree
Specializations English, Hindi, History, Political Science, Sanskrit, Geography
Course Type Full-Time Course
Mode of Examination Yearly Mode
Course Fee INR 2-3 Lakhs
Higher degree options B.ed, MBA, MPhil, PhD
Top Career Options Teacher, Public Servant, Writer, Journalist, Assistant Professor, Reporter
Best College Mansarovar Global University

Why an MA degree after a BA?

Once you complete your bachelor of arts from a top private university in Bhopal, you need to enhance your knowledge to increase your chances of getting a potential job and attractive salary package.

A master of Arts degree provides you with in-depth knowledge of your chosen subject through a more intense curriculum, topics, and research. For better career opportunities and positive career growth, an MA degree is recommended after completing your BA degree from the best arts colleges in Bhopal.

10 Advantages of getting an MA degree after a BA degree

When you take admission into the best MA colleges in Bhopal, you get the chance to enhance the knowledge and skills that you need to become successful. Here are the 10 powerful advantages of earning a Master of arts degree after completing your BA degree program:-

  1. Enhanced expertise: A Master of Arts degree from the best university in Bhopal allows for in-depth study and specialization in a particular field, fostering a deeper understanding and expertise.
  2. Career advancement: It often opens up opportunities for career advancement, providing access to higher-level positions and increased earning potential.
  3. Expanded network: All the best MA colleges in Bhopal offer connections with peers, professors, and professionals, expanding your network for future collaborations and opportunities.
  4. Critical thinking skills: MA programs typically emphasize critical analysis and research skills, which are valuable in various professional settings.
  5. Specialized knowledge: It provides specialized knowledge and training that can make you more competitive in your chosen field.
  6. Personality development: Pursuing an MA can lead to personal growth, enriching your understanding of yourself and the world around you.
  7. Research opportunities: Many MA programs offer research opportunities, allowing you to contribute to your field and potentially publish scholarly work.
  8. Credential recognition: Some careers require or highly value an MA degree, providing a recognized credential for certain roles. After completing your BA from the best BA colleges in Bhopal, you get the best recognition.
  9. Versatility: The skills and knowledge gained through an MA can be applied across different industries and sectors, offering versatility in career paths.
  10. Higher education options: Top universities in Bhopal serve as a stepping stone for further academic pursuits such as a PhD, if desired, opening doors to teaching and advanced research positions.

What are the eligibility criteria for an MA Degree?

To get into the MA degree program, you need to follow the following steps. Well, MA colleges in Bhopal have different eligibility criteria for MA admission, but this is the common standard set by UGC and other educational institutions.

  • A candidate must complete their 10+2 from any recognized board of education
  • A bachelor’s degree is needed for MA admission
  • A candidate with at least 50% in their last qualifying examination
  • 5% relaxation is for SC/ST/OBC and other reserved class

Best MA Colleges in Bhopal

Mansarovar Global University (MGU) is one of the best universities in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The university is UGC-approved and best known for its diploma, certificate, UG, PG and PhD programs. For students like you, Mansarovar Global University is the ideal university to pursue an MA degree as your higher degree program.

The college has a rich course MA curriculum based on the guidelines of UGC and other reputed educational institutions. The college provides all the basic and advanced amenities to its students. To make your educational experience wonderful, MGU organizes various events, cultural fests, industry visits, field visits, expert lectures and more.


In conclusion, pursuing a Master of Arts (MA) degree after obtaining a Bachelor’s (BA) offers numerous advantages. It deepens expertise in a chosen field, enhances critical thinking skills, expands career opportunities, and often leads to higher earning potential. Ultimately, an MA can significantly enrich both personal and professional growth.


Should I get my masters right after my Bachelor’s?

Yes, you can do your masters in arts right after completing your BA degree. All you need to do is clear your BA with a 50% score and get to fill out the application form for your preferred college/university.

Can we pursue MA after BA?

Yes, after completing your BA from the best BA colleges in Bhopal, you can apply for an MA course. Once you fulfil all the basic requirements for your MA admission, you can apply for the MA program of your choice.

Which degree is better BA or MA?

Well, both degrees have their own worth and power. BA is a primary level whereas the MA degree is the higher level degree.

What are the benefits of a Master of Arts degree?

Masters of arts degree offer better career options, skills, knowledge and a wide range of subjects to study.


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