AviaGames Raises $40 Million To Diversify mobile skill-based Gaming

Today, mobile gaming is becoming an increasingly competitive market. Those who got in early already know that the market has potential. One example of a game that is succeeding in this crowded market is Pocket7Games by AviaGames 

The Mountain View, California based company AviaGames is overseen by its two female founders, Vicki Chen and Ping Wang. Chen and Wang set out to create a more accessible, inclusive mobile gaming app and recently announced the company had raised $40 million to diversify mobile skill-based gaming. 

Considering that Pocket7Games’ gross merchandise value (the total entry fees users paid for tournaments hosted across AviaGames’ platform) has grown to $836 million, this most recent funding comes as no surprise. Especially as this announcement followed Pocket7Games’ release on Samsung Galaxy store, where it can now be downloaded by Android users. That said, Bingo Clash has already celebrated four months in the No.1 spot on Free Casino Games on the Apple App Store and consistently ranks as a top five game among all free games.

What is Pocket7Games? 

AviaGames first developed and published the Pocket7Games app in 2019. The app features colorful games and the promise of cash rewards for skill-based competition. It also features over 10 games, each available for free or paid play. Users can switch between casino, puzzle, action, or brain games all on the same app. 

As players begin using the app, Pocket7Games assigns them a “skill value” which logs their proven gaming capability. It then uses AI to accurately match players against those who have a similar skill value to create a gaming atmosphere that is at once competitive, fair, and engaging. Ant-icheating technology is also used to ensure fair competition, and tournaments and events are available every day. Users are also allowed to choose what competition tier they want to compete in to further ensure customizability. 

Chen explains, “In contrast to the competitors, we have an all-in-one platform. Pocket7Games has 10 games on the platform and you only download one app and you can play 10 games across the platform.” This customizable gameplay has led the platform to success, and it has now paid out over $400 million in cash prizes. Most users play 40 minutes a day on average, and the company has committed to growing its U.S. team to ensure it continues to optimize user experience. 

Mobile Gaming Potential 

Pocket7Games saw massive adoption during the pandemic, and seems sure to continue its momentum in the future. Mobile data and analytics firm App Annie now predicts that the mobile gaming market will hit $120 billion in revenue in 2021, giving the platform plenty of room to grow into a household name.

Built on the desire to produce a mobile gaming experience that could reach more than just the usual male, hardcore gaming audience, the app reports that 70% of its users are female, with many arriving without any previous PC or console gaming experience. This only further proves Pocket7Games’ accessibility, and AviaGames’ success as a powerhouse run by two of the most influential women in mobile gaming. 

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