Tips on how to afford studying abroad

Many people have dreams of studying abroad. With the high cost of travelling and living in a foreign country, their dreams seem to get shuttered. This article has provided tips on how to afford studying abroad. 

Studying abroad comes with many benefits. Students always have excuses for not travelling abroad to study. Some students think that assignments in foreign schools are difficult to handle but there is always a solution. You can always contact online assignment help websites in case you are stuck in your assignments.

How you can afford studying abroad

  1. Use financial aid to study abroad

Many students do not know that the financial aid they are receiving in their current colleges or universities can be used to study abroad. Federal aid can be transferred to another country so long as it is used for study purposes only. 

You should set this up with your educational advisor or the financial aid office before planning to travel for study. This is because financial aid policies can vary from one school to another. Universities and colleges may encourage students to study abroad to gain more experience. They can do everything possible for their students to study abroad. 

2. Apply for different scholarships for study abroad

Many giveaways trips can provide free travel to other countries for study purposes. This could be the United States department of state, the bureau of cultural and educational affairs or other programs. They offer scholarships based on merit for cultural exchange programs abroad.

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To get these scholarships, you need to meet certain academic qualifications. In some cases, you have to attach copies of your certificates, a cover letter, or prepare a PowerPoint presentation. You also have to prove to be hardworking and knowledgeable to get these scholarships. 

You may get the scholarships but you do not have money for flights and accommodation. It is good to look for programs with need-based scholarships. Some of these programs can function like work-study. 

3. Choose low-cost destinations

One of the most important factors to consider while studying abroad is the location. If you are struggling with cash, avoid countries where the currency exchange rates are high. Also, look for countries with an average cost of living. 

If you are studying abroad for a short period, then you will not be making any income with the currency of the country. You will be withdrawing money for personal use and school fees from your country. Some of the affordable countries to travel to for study include; China, Peru, Mexico among others.

4. Fundraise before travelling for study

Whether you have a program providing scholarships to study abroad or not, money is a basic need that you must have. You can fundraise money to study abroad. Here are some of the ideas you can use to raise money to study abroad;

  • Create a funding campaign online
  • Sell your work
  • Send letters to friends and family members
  • Host a fundraising dinner at a non-costly location
  • Run for a cause
  • Sell your old school books
  • Find a job

5. Create a budget and stick to it

While travelling to study abroad, you not only need money to study but also for other needs. This includes food, accommodation, buying learning stationeries among others. Write everything you need while studying abroad down including the costs. With this, you will know what you can afford and what you can’t. Budget smart, travel smart and be smart.

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6. Take a loan to study abroad

There are many financial aid options available for students who want to study abroad. This includes; bank loans, student’s loans, savings and credit accounts loans among others. Do not be afraid to take loans to study abroad. The struggle is worth it and you will pay the money in instalments after getting a job.

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The federal government offers different financial aid programs through the department of education in the United States. This includes low-interest students study loans, work-study funds and grants. You can use these funds to cover expenses related to education such as; tuition fees, accommodation, books and supplies and transport.

7. Choose a cheap study abroad program

When looking for study abroad programs, do not waste time comparing expensive programs. When you find a cheap program, bookmark it to check later. Ensure you try to save costs in every stage of travelling to study abroad. 

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To sum it up

It is the dream of many students to travel abroad for studies. They fear the costs involved and as a result, shutter their dreams. This article has provided some tips on how to afford studying abroad.

If you want to study abroad, do not be afraid, there are many ways to reduce the cost. You might struggle to study but it is worth it. Studying abroad comes with many benefits that cannot be compared to studying locally.

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