Eating Dinner the Right Way with Alaskan Crab

There are only safe places along the creek that are this way. There are other places that remain quiet and peaceful but are not as open. Those are the ones I love. Driving further through Kenai, I passed through the humble communities of Soldotna and Seldovia, then to Kenai, and finally to Homer. When I got to Homer, I drove to the Spit. Nice does not do justice. It is “the place where the street is closed”. The Spit ignores the Kachemak Bay and the Gulf of Alaska.

There are many people who got tired of the way dinner is prepared after a long time after the night at home. Assuming this is the case, you are likely experiencing something very similar. Combining it in the kitchen is the duty of the home cook, so he can’t ignore it when he goes shopping or prepares his dinners. Here are some thoughts to shake things up with one of nature’s fortunes, the Alaska King Crab.

I wish I could remember the name of the cafe we ate at that first night. We stopped by and each hosted an Alaskan king crab dinner. What was served from the kitchen was really great! Plates of colossal Alaskan king crab legs filled each plate with extra margarine for dipping. By far this was the most delicate and sweetest crab I have ever eaten. I haven’t had anything better! Trying and trying to clarify how delicious it was is problematic. Leg meat was at least 1 inch thick and legs were at least 16-18″ long. It was heavenly to the point that we ordered another platter for dessert!

The genuinely energizing experience for me in Homer was going out on a halibut fishing contract. As we pulled out of the harbor on this little fishing pontoon that was about 35 feet long, I was amazed at the magnificence that surrounded me in every direction I looked. This is the place where I saw my first puffin. These fat little waterfowl with their splendid orange trapped mouths were everywhere! There were seals and sea otters swimming in the water and bald eagles taking off above us. Kachemak Bay is surrounded by exquisite mountains and icy masses.

The Crab Skillet – While the king crab price is one of the most sought-after of the species, you can still whip up an amazing dinner the easy way. Just socially gathering a portion of the typical suspects into the saucepan. In the summary, there should be mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and green peas in pods, and obviously have the crab legs on pause. If you are solidifying them, make sure they have plenty of time to thaw. Cooks recommend using a touch of cornstarch as well as olive oil and a clove of garlic when cooking fried foods. It encourages adding to consistency and protects everything from self-destruction.

Our boss took the pontoon boat and traveled on the water for about 3 ½ to 4 hours before stopping in the Gulf of Alaska. When we finally stopped, the captain and his assistant prepared each of us a belt that had a shaft mount for our fishing rod. I had no idea what awaited me next. I was one of six fishermen on the boat. I was the first to get a chomp. At that moment the fun began! I wanted to grab that shaft with everything inside of me and start swaying and pulling, then leaning over and swaying and pulling over and over and over again. Forty-five minutes later, the pontoon attendant pulled my halibut out of the frigid waters of the Gulf of Alaska. I actually got the main fish of the day and what ended up being the best fish of the day – around £45! Each of us was allowed to buy two halibuts. After everyone got their share, we headed back to Homer.

Tragically, what happened next was not so good. We got word that there was a tidal wave warning and we were out of nowhere in 15-foot tight spots or somewhere close. The pontoon was moving here and there and I still didn’t feel too good. That was gross! My hands seemed to be solidified from fishing in exposed water. I couldn’t warm up. I was clutching the outside dumpster for the life of me. This time, when I think I’m going to pass, very quietly at the rear of the deck is the ship’s crew member filing away every halibut that was procured and throwing the remaining parts out the back of the pontoon. We had groups of seagulls following us for a chance to get a piece of this tasty new fish! Obviously, I hold on. When I jumped onto the shore, I was fine. Be that as it may, what a fishing story! We solidified the halibut when I got back to Patti and Joe’s and shipped it home in a Styrofoam cooler. Mom, Dad, and I engaged the whole family one night on that halibut. We grilled it and created some extraordinary memories. The halibut was delicate and tasty, however, I must admit, not in the same class as the king crab price!


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