The Best Way Guide to Crabs and crab legs

Crabs are much more versatile than most people realize. Of course, they can be steamed, boiled, or made into crab cakes. However, they are also great in soups, soups, stews, casseroles, and other wonderful dishes. King crab legs can be battered and fried whole, and crabs are amazingly grilled as well. Crabs are high in protein and are also a good source of niacin, vitamin B12, chromium, selenium, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium. Crab meat is very low in saturated fat, but it is high in cholesterol. With all the varieties of crabs on the market, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what to buy. Which variety is the best? Below is some information that might help!

If you just want big, easy-to-eat legs, you’ll want to look for king crab or snow crab. Depending on where you live, fresh crab legs can be hard to come by. Of course, you can always have your crab legs shipped from Maryland to your door. Not only is this more convenient, but the quality of the crab will be higher.

Both varieties of crab legs will give you about 50% meat. Plan to serve about six ounces of meat per person, depending on what else is on the menu. That means about a pound of crab for each diner. For true crab lovers or a truly decadent party, double that amount.

Whether you’re entertaining friends and family, cooking a romantic seafood dinner for a special occasion, or just treating yourself, there are a few things to know when planning to serve crab. First of all, it is a complicated matter! You’ll need to provide kitchen shears (to crack the shells if you haven’t cracked them already), crab crackers, and small forks and picks to remove hard-to-reach meats. Lots of napkins and paper towels are also a must.


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