Games to Improve Your Commute

For many people, the worst part about going to work or college is the journey to get there. Most people are now having to go to the office or campus at least once a week after many months of working from home. This has been an extremely unpleasant realization for many. 

However, your commute does not always have to be a terrible experience. Of course, it’s expensive, and there are too many people in your personal space (not to mention waiting in the cold), but there are plenty of ways in which you can add a little bit of enjoyment to your day during your commute. One of these is trying some mobile games. 

Pokémon Go

It is highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go – it first came out in 2016, but it’s still extremely popular. This game is perfect if you want to use your commute to fit in a bit of exercise. You can use it to motivate yourself to walk the whole commute or simply get off at an earlier stop and explore the area around your house, campus or office. 

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest is a standard fantasy RPG – it will give you a bit of adventure and excitement on your daily commute. Immersing yourself in a fantasy game can help you change your mindset at the end of the day so that you stop thinking about work and can focus on your personal life as soon as you step in the door. A nice fact about Dragon Quest VIII, in particular, is that the developers kept all the action in portrait mode when switching to mobiles – this means you can play with one hand, perfect when on the go. 

Online Casinos

Online casinos have really become popular in the last few years, and the range of games available to play has expanded. Now you can play whatever genre of casino game you’d like, from quick slots to poker tournaments. As the number of online casinos keeps growing, they are trying hard to be as competitive as possible, using no deposits or free spins to get people to try their sites. Take advantage of this by going to sites like to get all the offers you can. 

Candy Crush Saga

You’re bound to have seen someone else on your commute playing this game, even if you didn’t know that’s what it was. Candy Crush Saga has been incredibly popular and has gotten a whole host of people into gaming who may not have done otherwise – success, as it was designed to attract this audience. It’s full of bright colors, sparkles and a feel-good factor – great for relieving all the stress of the morning or day behind. It isn’t a game where lots of strategies are needed either, so it’s great if you’re a bit slow to wake up in the mornings. 


This game is great if you end up bored during your commute and you’d like to be a little challenged. It’s a problem-solving word game – a mix of a word search and a jigsaw puzzle with themed trivia thrown in. It’s an easy game to get the hang of, but there are numerous puzzles and a new one each day. The difficulty can increase so that it keeps you engaged and thinking no matter how long you play this for. 


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