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How Can You Choose The Right Mattress? Special Tips Not To Miss At The Time Of Purchase

Sleep is more than simply resting the body and recovering energy from the previous day. It is a physiological need to stay healthy, improve quality of life and even increase longevity.

During nighttime rest, the body performs extremely important functions, such as cell regeneration, production of certain hormones, strengthening the immune system, and consolidating memory and learning.

Remember: A good mattress is fundamental to sleeping peacefully and ensuring that all body functions performed during the night are carried out successfully. But sleep isn’t just relying on a mattress because you have also invested in comfortable bedding sheet-like organic Bamboo sheets.

Special Tips Not To Miss At The Time Of Purchase

The density must be evaluated

The first characteristic consumers remember when buying a mattress is the density of the foams. The factor is very important and must be considered according to each person’s weight. In addition, high-density foams have high resistance against deformation and longer service life.

Springs make a difference in the mattress

Spring mattresses provide more comfort, support, strength, and durability, and a foam-only mattress tends to depreciate more quickly. There are several spring models, but the system of individually bagged springs is the most sought-after for its benefits.

Exposing the mattress to the sun is good

If the mattress has absorbed moisture, it is recommended to place it in an airy and ventilated environment, but never exposed to direct sunlight, for 30 minutes. The sun is an excellent sanitizing agent, but it is not indicated in the case of foams as it can oxidize it, leaving it yellow and dry.

The material should be organic

There is a wide range of materials to choose from on the market. It is important to choose the one that best suits your taste and biotype, avoiding discomfort and contributing to quality sleep. But the latex honey hybrid mattress is the best choice of all. To protect this, a cooling mattress protector is necessary because it Protects against allergens & dust mites, creating an allergy-free sleep experience.

The mattress needs to breathe

Without adequate ventilation, the moisture that comes into contact with the mattress can accumulate and turn its interior into an environment conducive to mites, fungi, and bacteria. Therefore, it is important to discard anything that can smother the mattress, whether plastic, cardboard, or paper, and use a wooden and hollowed-out baseboard to facilitate the breathing of the product.

Mattresses have an expiration date

Some think it is possible to use the same product indefinitely until it shows visible signs of wear; however, the average for changing the mattress is five years. A mattress that shows signs of wear, stains, or visible deformities is past its prime. But other signs of wear should be observed, such as noise, unpleasant smell, the sinking of the central region, and its usage time. Back pain and loss of sleep quality can also be signs that it’s time to change your mattress.

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