How Japan Obtained the Fame of Top Place for Higher Education? Here are the Reasons

Japan has a wealthy cultural heritage and high standards in education. Japan has more than 150000 international students making it highly popular among foreigners. This technologically advanced country is a very desirable spot along with sushi, bullet trains, and karaoke.

World-class education
Japan has a formidable educational system with a solid dedication to research and development. Many Nobel prize winners are from Japan because it has a unique and remarkable academic tradition. Twenty universities of Japan are in the top 100 list of the world’s high-ranked universities, making known Japan’s dominance in the education world. The University of Tokyo is in the top position in Japan, demanding on its course teachings and exceptional research. The options Japan offers to international students are nearly boundless, from specialized institutions to academic courses.

International friendly
Japan has been investing a lot in universities to foster its economic growth. It also took the initiative called Global 30, which immediate attention is to attract 300000 international students from around the world. These international students would account for 10% of the student body. Universities are making sure that they provide a warm and friendly environment for students, including an easy application process and helping you find a great job at the end of the day. They are also being lenient by starting the semester in September for international students instead of April and providing maximum course lectures in English.

Higher value in job markets
Japanese companies are recruiting more internationals to have a more global representation. Studying abroad would make your CV stronger, and employers would prefer you more over the other candidates because of your extensive proficiency in the Japanese language and in-depth research.

Though Japan can be a bit expensive and high cost of living but the tuition rate is relatively low and affordable compared to the US and UK. There are various scholarship programs from the government and public universities where your tuition fees can get exempted. These foundations are specially designed to help international students and provide outstanding education on all levels.

Cultural experiences
Japan would give you a glimpse of the captivating and divergent way of life and broaden your knowledge of different cultures. It has a unique blend of the ancient and current world, contrasting look enticing. Students can quickly gain 2000 years back of history and culture. Japan has breathtaking natural beauty, with its four exceptional weather adding to the land’s diverse beauty. The cuisine of Japan is also quite mouth-watering ranging from sushi to ramen and sashimi.

Learning Japanese
Universities would help teach you the Japanese language along with the degree program. Knowing Japanese would help you understand the culture more, and you can have more interaction with locals. Also, it would provide you with an advantage in the workforce.

Considering Japan to study abroad would be pretty sensible since it is one of the safest countries with low crime rates and has excellent public transportation and suitable medical treatments.


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