Affluent Country Saudi Arabia Has Plenty of Opportunities and Greetings for International Students

Saudi Arabia is an Arab Islamic state. The country is famous for its oil and Arabian horses. Moreover, the world’s largest desert is in Saudi Arabia. When you visit Saudi Arabia, you will see that your surroundings are full of countless palaces and countless mosques. Then in Saudi Arabia, Bedouins on camels, sword-wielding dance and Bedouins with falcons are pretty standard.
As Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state, the country’s educational system is entirely focused on the study of Islam. However, it doesn’t mean the country doesn’t offer other studies such as science or arts. In Saudi Arabia, education is mandatory thing for both male and female. In Saudi Arabia, there are some world-class universities. However, not all universities are cheap. Let’s know about the cheapest universities in Saudi Arabia.
University of Tabuk
The University of Tabuk provides free undergraduate programs. The main motive of the university is to become a beacon of knowledge in education along with development. International students can study in the university for free. To get scholarships, the students have to fulfil their qualification level. The courses that the university provides are Applied Medical Sciences, Medicine, Education and Arts and Engineering.
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
The university offers tuition-free education for all its students. It is a research-based university, and even you can choose a Master and Doctorate program. Such as Applied Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computational Science and many more. Along with free education, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology offers a monthly living allowance, dental and medical coverage and housing.
AlMaarefa University
Unlike the other two universities mentioned above, AlMaarefa University doesn’t provide free undergraduate programs. You have to pay 25,000 SAR to 42,500 SAR per semester for undergraduate programs. Yet the university is relatively cheap than the other ones.
There are three colleges in the university which provide programs such as Industrial Engineering, Respiratory Care, Medicine and Surgery, Anesthesia Technology, Nursing and many more. The university has excellent fame for helping students to promote their creativity and community service.
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
Students can both complete their undergraduate as well as graduate programs from the university. For under graduation, the tuition fee is 29,000 SAR every semester. And the tuition fee to complete graduation is 50,000 SAR to 80,000 SAR per program. The university offers 17 programs. Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University has in total six colleges. And the programs of these colleges are Finance, Accounting, Law, Engineering, Architecture and Design.
University of Prince Mugrin
You can get the most advanced educational system of Saudi Arabia at the University of Prince Mugrin. The university always tries to update its curriculum with the help of the latest educational resources. To ensure that their students maintain their productivity, the university provides several services throughout their entire journey. The tuition fee for undergraduate courses is 30,000 SAR to 33,000 SAR per semester.
Studying in Saudi Arabia is excited as you will be surrounded by good things, fantastic food, along with good education.

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