Dubai is New Destination for International Students for Her Reasonable Universities and Affordable Accommodations

Dubai has a good amount of recognition for luxury shopping, lively nightlife scene and super modern architecture. And, Dubai has the famous Burj Khalifa that you will see many movie shootings take place in Dubai. Moreover, even Dubai has a lot of manufactured islands. The Travelling system of Dubai is excellent. You can travel from Dubai to any part of the world easily. It is an incredible country to stay.
Top Universities in Dubai That Are Cheap.
Even Dubai is quite a good country for studying. The country’s education is advanced. The private and international schools and universities of Dubai provide high-quality education. However, the public ones aren’t that good, and these schools and universities need more development. Many international students want to study in Dubai. Some cheap yet good universities in Dubai are suitable for both local and international students.
Al Dar University College
Al Dar University College is one of the oldest universities in Dubai. The tuition fee for undergraduate programs is 1,200AED. However, the fee can vary depending on the chosen program. For every chosen field, the university offers all sorts of necessary skills. And many international students from all around the world study in the university as it is pretty affordable.
You can get access to banks, shopping centres, café from the campus. There are many programs in the university, but the famous ones are Engineering, Information Technology, Industrial Management and Marketing.
University of Sharjah
Students can complete both undergraduate and graduate programs from the University of Sharjah. For undergraduate programs, students have to pay 31,049 AED to 107,545 AED every year. And for graduate programs, the tuition fee is 2,541 AED to 6,090 AED per credit hour.
The university has 14 colleges. The University of Sharjah provides multidisciplinary research programs as well as comprehensive education. You can find all sorts of facilities required for a comfortable stay on the campus. The campus has hair salons, a food court, a healthcare facility and many other things
Al-Ain University of Science and Technology
Al-Ain University of Science and Technology also offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. For graduate programs, the tuition fee is 2,000 AED to 3,000 AED per credit hour. And the tuition fee for undergraduate programs is 1,000 AED to 1,600 AED per credit hour. There are six colleges in the university. The well-known courses are Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Law, Business, Pharmacy and Civil Engineering.
Ajman University
Students have to pay 1,045 AED to 1,575 AED per credit hour for undergraduate courses. It is the first university to accept international students. The university’s primary focus is on innovation. And it has nine colleges, such as the College of Medicine, College of Business Administration, College of Architecture and many more.
Alison University
Alison University offers a lot of different courses. And the university also takes care of its students’ physical and mental health. There are many outdoor spaces for studying on the campus. The tuition fee for undergraduate courses is 35,000 AED to 58,000 AED every year.
Dubai is an excellent choice if you want to study abroad. So, if you get a chance to study in Dubai, don’t miss it.


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