Organizing the Study Station

Often students ask their tutor about the correct method of studying because even after trying so hard and after so many efforts they are not able to study and concentrate on learning. Regarding this, they have the perception that there is something wrong in their learning method that is why they are not getting good results of their studying but the reality is that their learning method has nothing to do with it but their study station is the real reason why they study daily at home. The way school learning management system becomes helpful to the students by making information accessible and by making studying time saving, in the same way a well settled study station makes the learning easy for the students. Usually, it is found that students pick their books and start learning anywhere in the home like sometimes lying down on bed when they try to study then after few minutes, they feel sleepy and their whole study session gets lost in to wonderland of sleep, or sometimes they are found studying in a very noisy place due to which they are not able to focus on their lessons and lastly, they close the books and stop their study session right there. As school management finally opted for the admission management system being bothered with issues related to admissions, in the same way students should also organize their study station in order to manage their study related issues at home.

Let’s have a look how the students will organize their study station. No student can study properly until and unless he or she is not sitting properly and comfortably in a chair and table where their backbone should be straight and hands shouldn’t have any trouble to write. Having a proper and comfortable sitting student are able to focus on their studying and learning. Also, students need to keep this in prime concern that all the study and needed material should be at their hands reach so that their concentration should not be broken due to again and again getting up to pick something like books, water bottle, snacks or stationeries. As school learning management system is very essential for the learning management of the school, the same way it is very essential for the students take care of lighting and temperature around their study station. Light and temperature can be a strong reason for distraction as well as concentration. Therefore, students should have their study station around the window to have natural light which is proper for the health of the eye also. And if like many students one is habitual to study then it is necessary that there should be ample amount of light around the study station. The temperature should be neither so much high that student may start sweating and not so much down that it may freeze the blood, i.e., it should be in equilibrium state. As student attendance management system manages various tasks related to student’s admission like form collection, documents collection and shortlisting of candidates for admission, in the same way students should manage their study station in various perspectives like they need to stay away from various distractions like urge to check the social media accounts or watch TV. Therefore, it is necessary that students should turn of the such gadgets like TV, tablet, laptops, desktops, high volume noises and music, people chattering in loud voice etc.

Students should avoid cluttering because cluttering makes the whole study station scattered, this not only bothers the study table but also the same trouble happens if files and notes are kept unorganized in the laptops or desktops. So, students should make a regular habit of cleaning the study space properly and put the materials on the study station in a sequenced manner and also keep on formatting the computer timely and only study material should be there that too in an organized manner. Try to keep the atmosphere around the study station inspiring. For this, students need to stick some inspiring wallpapers around the study space which can inspire them when they feel exhausted and tired. Instead of putting dark colours around the study station students should always put bright and light colours which can keep brighten the mood to study always.

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