Raha Name Meaning and other baby names that begins with ‘R’

For most parents who want their children’s names to stand for something special, a name’s meaning, significance and length also holds the key.” Owen Wilcox, co-founder of US Installment Loans Said.

Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore once said, “Our names are the light that glows on the sea waves at night, and then dies without leaving its signature.”

One of the most important decisions in a parent’s life is selecting their children’s names. In actuality, our names are quite significant in our lives. It separates us from others in terms of identity.

Without a question, it’s important since it is the identity that a person lives with. Kids grow up; therefore, picking a name that one won’t feel ashamed of, whether in middle age or at school, is crucial.

Here let’s look at some of the popular options for babies starting with the letter R.

Baby Names With R

Radesh: A title for Krishna

Rathin: One who pulls the chariot, Celestial

Raah: The route, way, or rasta

Ritvaan: Lord, a superior being

Rivan: An aspirational, self-sufficient person

Rahas: It stands for merriment, delight

Reyansh: Sun’s first rays

Rathik: A warrior or one who pulls a chariot

Raif: Kind and sympathetic

Raul: It refers to a flexible individual

Rajasekhar: Lord Vishnu

Rahul: An efficient person

Rithwik: Saint

Raghav: Lord Rama

Ridhwan: Acceptance, Good Will

Rudra: Angry, Lord Shiva

Ranbir: The Indian origin name means ‘The brave warrior’

Rohan: Ascending

Rajendra: Lord of Kings; Ruler of Kings

Rajat: Silver

Rajeev: Blue Lotus

Raakesh: Lord of the night

Baby Girl Names With R

Raahi: Traveller

Raha: A person who is peaceful, happy, free or independent.

Rajasi: One of the names of Goddess Durga is worthy of a monarch

Raagavi: One who sings with Raghavendra’s god Raaga

Radhiya: Happy, contented

Rajika: The princess Lamp

Rahina: It is thought that the name has Arabic roots and means “gentle, merciful”

Raemaha: Sunshine rays

Rabhya: A person who is revered

Ranhitha: Someone quick

Rashini: Glory, radiance, and splendour

Radha: The beloved of Lord Krishna

Raakhi: Symbol of protection, Full moon in the Sravan month

Rajeshwari: Goddess Parvati

Rakanisa: The night of the full moon

Ranjani: Delightful, One who entertains others, One who brings Joy to others, Fun, Pleasant and charming

Raya: Flow, Sated with drink

Renuka: The mother of Parasurma, The sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Roopa: Blessed with beauty

Ruchika: Shining, Beautiful, Desirous

Rujula: Who endows wealth

Rukmini: Consort of Lord Krishna

Rupavati: Possessed with beauty

Rushika: Born with blessings of Lord Shiva

Several of these names are also unisex. For example, ‘Raha’. A unique one, Raha name origin is found in several languages. The meaning of Raha changes in each of the languages. Peaceful, Happiness, Free or Bliss are among its many meanings. It can also be pronounced as ‘Raah’ in Hindi, which means a path, course or passage. Raha name meaning is one of the reasons it is popular with new-age parents. A gender-neutral name, it is used across religions, cultures and countries. The Raha Name origin numerical value is 1 and people with this number in their name are known to be creative, positive, ambitious, inventive, independent, goal-oriented, proactive, motivated and knowledgeable.

R – 9, A – 1, H – 8, A – 1.


The ruling planet for Raha is the Sun and the auspicious colours are gold, brown, orange & yellow. Ruby is the strong stone for this name with Jade, Jasper, Moss Agate and Blue Sapphire being the alternate options. Ruby brings power, wealth, attraction and dynamism to the wearer.

Bronze is the auspicious metal and ruling hours of Raha are between 5-7pm. 2, 5, 6, 8, 14 and 23 are the supporting numbers and lucky days are Wednesday & Friday.

Rahas are blessed with a clear sense of purpose. When Raha decides to do something, nothing can stop them or get in the way. In Vedic astrology based on the Moon sign, females named Raha have an inherent quality to take everything easily. Raha has the ability to become a great leader if she can channel her single-minded energy in a proper way.

People named Raha also thrive on change and like exploring new ideas, meeting new people, discovering new locales, full of humour and are very resourceful as well. They are also romantic at heart but can also be a little immature. Raha is bold enough to take risks and create their own path towards success.

Personality wise they are all that one could wish for. Rahas are loving, caring and passionate. They are known to be very protective of their partner. They are good listeners though, and can easily standout in a crowd.

A person named Raha is likely to be in professions like directors, institutional heads, planners, chefs, etc.

As is the case with every name, each letter has a specific meaning that describes the nature of the name. Mentioned below the analysis of the name Raha as per Hindu culture.

R – Realistic, tolerant, efficient, self-determined & Compassionate. A – Flexible enough to take other people’s opinions into consideration. H – Very practical, always takes calculated steps to solve problems. A – Independent, confident, courageous & ambitious.

Another important quality which Rahas have is that they don’t splurge their money and believe in saving for the future. They always want to secure their future and make it as smooth and safe as possible. They seldom take loans and want to execute everything with their own efforts.


It is unfortunate that some Hindu parents thrust western names on their children without even realising its significance or meaning.

The issue here is the value one puts on the tradition. If a tradition is valued in a family, then the children are taught that value and the tradition lives. Vedic culture proclaims the whole creation is one family and concludes every ceremony with the prayer, “May every being be happy.” It is time to make a determined bid to maintain and nourish our valuable heritage, starting with our children’s names.


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