What are NS servers and what are they responsible for?

The NS-server is a Name-server, the main task of which is to convert domain names that are simple and understandable to all users into IP addresses that are more complex for people, but easier for computers. It is on such servers that all information is stored that allows you to combine the name of the site and its computer address. The most popular analogy for such a repository is a phone book, which allows you to associate a specific person with a contact phone number.

The principle of operation of nameservers

The principle of operation of such servers is very simple:

  • The user’s task is to enter a query containing the name of the site into the browser line;
  • Next step – it instantly redirects it to a DNS server that looks for matches between the domain name sent to it and the IP addresses stored in the NS server;
  • If such matches are found – as a result, the site is found, its address is known, and the request from the browser comes at the server’s IP address;
  • The correct answer for all those operations is to display the required information.

Very often, ordinary people confuse or equate the concept of NS and DNS servers. These are similar concepts, but not the same. The NS server directly stores information about the domain zone and, when requested from the DNS server, reports it. At the same time, the presence of such a server is a prerequisite for the correct functioning of the site. Moreover, there must be at least two such servers – they are provided when purchasing hosting along with data for accessing the control panel.

What are NS servers and what are they responsible for1

What are child NS servers

A child NS server, like a child DNS, is a server whose name contains the name of the parent domain as a separate segment. For example, for the domain, the children would be and It is worth noting that the parent domain must be highlighted with dots, the name of the child is written first. In this case, there can be several children – all individual levels must be separated by dots.

Usually the creation of such child servers is free, they are tied to the parent.

If necessary, the NS-server can be changed. This is important to do if you suspect that they may be intercepted as a result of a hacker attack – then if your site is accessed, you may be redirected to a fraudulent one. It is very important to work only with reliable and proven hosts that update their server protection in a timely manner and prevent such situations.


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