What Are the Features and Uses of iPad Kiosk App?

Various reasons lead to the requirement of making devices secure or running only a few apps on them. From business to educational institutes, several security risks lead to the use of kiosk apps. Kiosk apps are a quick way to achieve this task where you can lock down a device to certain apps only making them work efficiently. This is also done for the customer-facing devices that are purposeful and meant to show only a few messages. Kiosk mode makes sure that there is nothing to be done manually. Everything is automated.

iOS/iPad kiosk mode is a restrictive mode that locks down any iOS device to run on a single app or multiple selected apps only. Being able to lock down the devices for only selected applications is very helpful for the devices that are working outdoors. When you are using devices outdoors and leaving them unattended, they are at the risk of being misused. That is why it is required to keep these devices secured and maintained.

When we talk about kiosk modes, choosing Ios over other operating systems is very beneficial as it offers added security benefits in the configuration, setup, and management phase. Moreover, no matter whether you own a small business or a big one, using Ios devices is a very great idea because of their flexibility, features, ease of use, and quick integration. If you have an iPhone device, it has a quick system of guided access mode that turns your device into kiosk mode instantly.

What is Guided Access Mode?

It is a kiosk mode in which your iPhone device is quickly transformed into a single-purpose device where you can run the limited apps. Guided access is an inbuilt option in iPhone devices and can be configured from the settings. At first, this feature was introduced for parental control and its main purpose was to restrict the kids from interfering with device settings and using inappropriate apps.

The Guided Access mode was targeted at school children and hence it has been in use for learning purposes a lot. Later on, as the changes were being made, it turned into a lockdown mechanism for other purposes as well. However, due to this feature Ios devices are favorable when it comes to using them as kiosk devices for any purpose.

In guided access mode, only one app is opened on the front and it remains open. The hardware buttons are disabled so that none can interfere with the settings or close the app for other purposes. When teamed up with other restrictive options, guided access mode is a very powerful tool to decide how users are going to interact with the devices through the following settings:

  • It can turn off the keyboard
  • It can disallow the lookup feature
  • You can choose a certain time limit for the guided session.
  • It can restrict the device from responding to motions such as no one can change the screen orientation or change anything for that matter.
  • It can turn off the touch gestures overall so that no one can interact with the app that is opened.
  • It can disable the hardware buttons so that no one can interfere or make any changes.

Drawbacks of Guided Access Mode

Some things make you worry about using the guided mode. Although it can work in a great way to restrict device use it can also be easily tweaked by anyone. For instance, if you triple tap the home/side button, the password prompt will show up and if you guess the pin right, you can turn off the app easily. So, this way, if the user is exposed to the home button and tries to tap for a few times, your device can easily be compromised. So, this makes the feature less reliable.

Single App Mode

If you want to your Ios device for strictly educational or business use, or you can’t afford any risks, you should shift to single app mode. Single app mode is an advanced feature that locks down the devices to a particular app only. This can be used as a digital display, interactive kiosks, informative kiosks, and point of the scale. This is the perfect solution when you are using these kiosks in the public area as no one can guess the pin code and get out of the kiosk mode easily.

To enable single app kiosk mode, you will need a good MDM solution that can help you perform this task easily. VantageMDM is the best solution for the kiosk mode as it can help you to configure your devices to kiosk mode easily with a remote monitoring feature. You can use this software if you are not satisfied with the guided access mode for your business requirements.

Ios Kiosk Mode with MDM solution

VantageMDM is the best software that can help you set up, manage, and monitor multiple Ios kiosk devices from a single server. You don’t have to reach for the devices manually. Once you have set up the kiosk mode, you can easily manage them from a single console. This kiosk solution is secure and protected for special-purpose devices. Also, you can take advantage of other features of Vantage MDM to use them along with the basic kiosk mode. This way, you can avail plenty of benefits such as:

  • The devices can be locked down to single or multiple apps as you require.
  • You can manage multiple devices at once remotely from the main server.
  • You don’t need to reach out to all the devices manually, instead, all the devices can be configured remotely.
  • You can also temporarily allow the feature of lockdown for a certain period and then turn it off.
  • You can automate the installation of the apps that are not already on the devices for several purposes.
  • You can automate the security updates to make sure that the updates are installed regularly to keep devices safe and secure.
  • With an MDM solution, you can also track the devices as per the business requirements.
  • You can monitor the screens of the devices in the main IT department to see if everything is going smoothly. It is usually done for presentations and meetings purpose.
  • You can know if there is an error that is causing trouble to the devices’ functioning to make sure that no extra time is required to resolve those issues.
  • You can configure the devices from the IT department and see where the trouble is.

Where is iPad Kiosk App Used?

These kiosk apps are used in retail stores where there is a need for the check-out counters to reduce human errors and make sure that all system is secured. Also, these devices are used in the education sector to provide an uninterrupted learning experience to kids who are easily distracted. Also, these kiosk apps have major use in the healthcare sector as well where there is a need to put all the patients’ reports secure.

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