Why Choose Henvcon Wholesale Bird Diverters?

Are you looking for a bird diverter that is easy to install, has a low-maintenance design, and is top quality? If so, Henvcon’s bird diverters may be just what you need.

Bird Diverters: What are they?

Bird diverters are designed to improve visibility on guyed masts and overhead power lines for soaring birds and are designed to provide an economical solution to reduce the risk of bird collisions.

Why you should choose Henvcon?

1.High quality

Henvcon bird diverters are constructed from strong, impact-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a durable material. In addition, the material has been carefully selected to make it impervious to salt water and industrial fumes.


Founded in 2012, Hevcon has professional knowledge in this field and rich experience makes Hevcon stand out and become sought after among many enterprises.

3.Low wholesale price

At Henvcon, you can buy products in bulk at the lowest prices.

4.Fast delivery

In the case of rush orders, Henvcon can also arrange special production priorities for customers.


Today, you can find the best bird diverters at Henvcon. Henvcon has over 10 years of expertise in this field. Our goal is to provide our clients with competitive prices and prompt service to help them complete their projects efficiently.


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